What the fuck's happened to the west end
  • Pall Mall's two way, Hanover Sq. ain't a square, the top of Shaftesbury Ave. has disappeared, that whole block by the top of Dean street's gone and that's only what I noticed in the hour I was there today.
  • Pall Mall two way? That's gotta be wrong.
    When I go back these days I feel like a tourist....
  • Yeah that was great fun zipping out of St. James Sq. looking left and thinking the coast was clear only to be nearly run over by a taxi
  • Yeh the whole of London's been fucked by Crossrail. Hurry the fuck up, builders. Every time I get a drop on Picadilly and I'm on Shaftesbury you gotta hit Jermyn then filter up through some tourist infested alley or through one of the arcades. I think in Burlington Arcade you cant take bikes through which makes it harder / more fun whichever way you wanna see it. But you still see those silly cunts riding silver scooters everywhere without getting tickets. . .I cant wait to see one get fined and his scooter impounded. . .
  • No right turn onto Jermyn St from Haymarket.. that fucked me up for weeks, that did (my brain takes a while to adjust to my environment being altered, you know, a bit like a cat).
  • It's better now, basically.
  • Wardour one way Dean the other nice cafe in the middle, simple.Goan to
  • Oh no... new bridge street! No leftie on to QVS!

    They're doing it on purpose. Interfering with my favourite routes. They've got it in for me, I tell you.
  • Flux hey
  • QVS is EC4 drrty, what sort of west end do you ride in sonny!!!
  • Oh right.. so we can talk about SW1 in this thread but not EC4, hmmm? That's just cityist, Charlie.
  • well... SW1 is a west post code... (if we're being pedantic). EC shit needs a thread of its own...
  • poor, much-maligned west side of EC4. So misunderstood. *wipes tear*
  • You think that's bad they're filming a movie here in Anchorage called Butcher Baker about this serial killer takes palace in the late seventies little bits of town are being restored to the late seventies it's freaking me the fuck out.
  • And I got to worry about Nic Cage and John Cryer getting bored with Fletcher''s at The Hotel Captain Cook looking down the alley and invading Darwin's. The seventies flashbacks as it is based on a true story (born right here in September of 65) are bad enough but the dread of my local turning Hollywood ahhhh! I might just have to mention my screen play and then I sell out...They put in props right in front of Darwin's . Don't even get me started on mid-town where they build a new office building a week. At least London has some sense of historical preservation, Anchorage well, the film crew is lucky they have about three blocks to work with. Then we got the A to the F to the muterfuckin' N, to wit the Alaska Federation of Natives conference people from all over rural Alaska downtown in rental cars.Not to mention I've had this piece of classic rock stuck in my head all freakin' week and it bothers me because the title of the song is just so ironic and if I'd been wearing helmet cam and edited the best bits it would have made a fine sound track . http://youtu.be/d7epbdQ4YYI So that's my slice of hell, going insane here in the last frontier.
  • picadilly opening up going west is very nice i don't think the cars have realised yet

    but the rain plus early sunset is making life bloody annoying im squinting all the way down new cavendish st starts aching after a while
  • I wouldn't say nice, used to have the westbound bus lane all to ourselves
  • And don't worry bout them sunsets we're entering the season of permagrey skies for the next 6 months
  • Godammit. I turn my back for two months and London becomes a foreign country!
  • (And I miss out on seeing Festerban back on the road.)
  • Yeah where are you?
  • And what size is/was your Milwaukee? I'm getting one but the sizes are weird iirc
  • If you guys want top spot in the smoke then you gotta deal with that shit. Out here in the West we kinda like to take things a little more easily. Sure, go crazy, be the fastest, take home the most readies at the end of the week, but ask yourself, are you happy? New crew in Bristol. Check us out. www.velocitycyclelogistics.co.uk. Peace brethren.
  • Funny thing, Hollywoods kind of gone to fakery. To wit: "The Wild Cherry" was a stand alone building on 4th. in the film it's where the "Bush Company" used to be. So, the whole time displacement thing has passed, now it's just surreal.
  • I asked myself "am I happy?"and couldn't come up with the answer"Yes!"Until I reminded myself that I don't live in Bristol.
  • Now you sounds like a bitter man OD. "Take it easy, but take it "- Woody Guthrie
  • Bristol's lovely John - I'd be there in a shot. Definitely nicer than Manchester!
  • I think Johns just having a dig at me with the brizzle thing, cos we just got a flat in London (South London, John's first trip over the river without a docket or guitar in the bag) which should be good for 5 years and I said something like "London's a shithole but I was gonna be here for that long anyway", which seemed to upset him a bit.

    He's London thru & through, innit. Happy days.
  • And MickMack, good news about the firm, hope it goes well
  • I always said I'd never move north of the river. Then I did. I always said I'd never leave London. Then I did. I'm probably more of a South Londoner now then I ever was...
  • I've never even been to Bristol.But it isn't London and let's face it,what would England be without London?People slag it off then go back to their little towns or villages for xmas and can't f*cking wait to get back.Most of the couriers I know are blow-ins,and are some of the best muthaf*ckers I've ever met.I have would never have had the chance to meet them if I lived in Runcorn.
  • OD have you been 2 Birmingham it must be time 4 a little Slade.Zero are you more South than Ted (The rubber Dog)
  • Curly - Ted/Dave (Rubber Daaawg) and I are equally Saaarff.
  • OD - are you afraid you might like it if you came out West? London is a womb. Fear of leaving the place. I lived there for many years, I've only ever cycled and it was great, but it's not everything mate.
  • Yeah,petrified.I've never left London...
  • "London is a womb."

    a place of warmth and safety where everything is provided for you... ummmmmm
  • London is in fact a womb. To pass beyond the M25 is to be drawn out of a cosy resting place unwillingly by the ankles and slapped hard on the arse by a gigantic man wearing a paper mask and a rubber apron. As you blurt forth your first primal scream almost choking on amniotic fluid.

    That's what it's like.

    Much better out than in.
  • ...and you can't go back.
  • Just got one thing to say http://youtu.be/-ACSLeZS2g0 my runner up for "pick one youtube video" when I get around to those twenty questions. Sometimes you just need to get out. Condor runs a flight from Frankfurt to Anchorage as a summer thing, it's a little faster and sometimes cheaper then your average London Anchorage trip, around September they start cutting prices, last September it was around 500 yankee dollars for economy I think they had "Comfort Class" down to something real close to something a working courier could swing. Economy, five foot nine or less and slender, you might not feel that cramped but if you can swing it well, find the best balance of leg room, food, free booze and seat to make those ten hours pass ..... Come visit me for a couple days before I kick you out the door to see the nice part of Alaska. Just give me some notice 'cause I just might want to hop over there if they start blowing out fare like that again.
  • I'm on my way. See you about mid-2013?
  • Oh, and Festerban, I'm travelling at the moment, but my Mılwaukee is (I believe) a Small. But you can always get in touch with Chris and go round to his HQ (in Brixton) to try them on. He's a lovely guy, and will probably offer you a beer as well.
  • Sweet! Nice one I thought it was all ordered from the states. Yeah just got up to speed with your mission via your blog, awesome and inspiring stuff to say the least, the very best of luck to you.
  • @caveman:

    London is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
  • @sleepy: *like*
  • @sleepy

    Hunter S Thompson would have been proud of that sentence.
  • "London is just a great big expensive shithole"

    - Mo
  • @ Captain
    As would Charles Bukowski

    “Sometimes you just have to pee in the sink.”
  • Dug up Ox St again. Be another one year probably before they finish.
  • Who in their right mind use Oxford street to get trough W1? Or even deliver in W1?
  • And I think you'll find it is five or six years as it is the cross rail project.

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