Silly commuting racing
  • Just a rumor, but the mechanic at Cyclelab was reportedly keeping up, on a fixie, with some super fit all kitted out 'jockenger' on a Specialized top class racer (he had all the gear etc). They raced for a time, then the jockenger (as in sports not scot) grabbed the dudes bars and threw him off at around 25mph resulting in mad injuries, and just rode away laughing. Be careful who you race, theres some proper cnuts out there.

    Theres countless commuters who get off on racing couriers, forgetting that we've mostly all done a 9 hour day while they're sat in their office charging up on all manner of goodies. I' proper stoked if I still have energy left if I can beat em after my day.

    Mostly though I let em get on with thier fantasy of racing the entire Kingsland road, and concentrate on lighting another fag for my journey home.

    All power to you Chewy, good luck mate!
  • wanted: punk ass bitch on a red specialized. dead.
  • let me at him!! eyes peeled!!:middlefinger:
  • I enjoy eating these f**ks for breakfast. And then a quick lunch, And then a quick snack b4 the main meal... FAKENGER...
  • or RACENGER, let me feast upon your ripe body....
  • (by feast I mean strip the flesh from your bones, nothing perverted, just pain)
  • YEHaa!
  • they all fail on the top part of Roseberry ave........ (most go left before sadlers wells)!
  • Yo go JP!! Love it mate ha ha. I like letting them overtake down a hill, then they cant stamina it up the rise: Stokey Rd into Stamford Hill kills em every time, especially lycra boys and suits on fixies the smug cnuts!! Have to say props to the hot chick in shorts on a nice Condor fixie I raced down Commercial Rd last week, you're HOT!

    Also today some knob on a folding bike at the jct of Torrington Pl and Torrington Sq decided he'd pull around the queue of patiently waiting commuters in the bike lane and not look behind him before doing so. The wanker clipped my back wheel with his front, and fell into the line of waiting commuters. Knob. I managed to just stay on by a gnats pube, and after checking no one was hurt got out of there as there was gonna be blood spilt if I'd stayed.

    Yes blud, blood.
  • Oh! you mean Byng Place
  • Tell ya wot, the cunts on Brixton Rd dont half take this seriously - I've never seen anyone so happy to overtake a courier before, trouble is they all fuckin bunch up by the lights like cunts, a sea of flourescent hell and pointy helmets, and I just go up the kerb and round the front and carry on. I simply CANNOT ride at 25mph at 730am! Then they all pass me by Kennington Park, the same as above at the next set of lights and so on. Over the entire ride to Elephant I end up beating them all cos I never stop riding at a chilled 10-15 or so. They also cut up and endanger less experienced commuters like the poor chinese girl I saw who was passed on both sides by two of these knobs and the poor girl wobbled into the kerb with shock - I woulda helped but someone else got there first.Anyhow, rant over and I'm still avin it on the way home as my legs have warmed up by then. . .bunch of tossers
  • Racing?.....

    On push bikes?!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA U guys are so funny.

  • Ahhh, Brixton Road :-) I go Milkwood/Myatts Fields now usually and avoid all that nonsense.
  • Lets see some meat minced then then gay boy. So far I've heard no news of anybody being injured by a gay biker so you must be too chicken to actually follow through. Or your scooter is not fast enough. If your balls where as big as your arsehole from the fistings that earn you a living, you would have by now have tried to have at least on of us flattened. But Noo, chicken bollocks can only threat behind a made up name in some internet caff (sure as hell you cant afford your own). Why dont you turn up on your 50cc and take everybody out on a friday evening? I'll tell you why. Because your dick is the size of your brain.
  • I preferred Count Basie to this guy, at least Basie was articulate in his insults. I beat a GLH m/c down oxford st today, the silly cunt couldnt work out the way around buses (hint, ride in the MIDDLE). Come on Basie, come back, I know Overdrive and you had a written tiff but at least you were funnier than Carter the Unstoppable Wank Machine.
  • "Carter the Unstoppable Wank Machine" :thumbup:
  • Yeah, I always kind of liked Basie, this Carter guy is just annoying even though he serves as a great argument for carrying firearms, heck every time he posts I get motivated to ride out to the range (it's a long ass ride) and practice head shots.
  • Basie was funny,this Wank Machine is a trolling arse-hat.Oh wait,could Wank Machine be another of Dazzler's aliases!?
    Holy shit!
  • I dunno, but it would be a fine addition to the City Sprint name thread dontcha think?

    "Wa wa wank machine?"
    "Yeh wank machine"
    "Wank, drop your Shorts and pull out your Percy, gimme a call"
    "Roger roger"

    Theres enough new riders without names, whaddya reckon?
  • Now the summer dip is here the amount of lycra wanks racing over Blackfriars Bridge at 6pm has been halved, and the ones left aint got the heart. Do you reckon its because the ones that race all-out are also at the top of thier game in buisness and are all wanking themselves silly in the Maldives until September? Or wot?

    Its boring man, none of the ones left have any spirit in em, and if I'm now the fastest guy on my way home thats saying a lot cos after 9 hours I'm fuckd and coast home easy pace with a beer no hurry innit
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