Wanted: Interesting looking cycle couriers for photography project
  • Hi,

    I'd like to hear from any cycle couriers who would be interested in a free photo portrait session. I'm planning a personal project where I pull together a selection of portraits of cycle couriers.

    If you could send a photo of yourself and let me know when you're available then that would be great. I'll then arrange an informal portrait session with you and afterwards I'll send you a selection of full resolution photos that you can use as you please.

    Take care,

  • When you say "personal project" you mean what exactely? It is all very well the subject being able to use pictures as they please but a "selection" makes me think you are looking to make money out of the not selected.
  • what's in it for the courier who's giving up their time for you? and what's going to be so unique about your project?
  • Looks like Ephri has wetted this guys appetite for couriers...
  • Something like this perhaps? http://www.marcrogoff.com/zoom/couriers.php

    Just buy the LCEF calendar, now that's a good project!
  • Hi guys,

    I thought I might get a slightly less suspicous reception than this!

    It's personal project in as much as I'm not planning to do anything commercial with the images and I'm not planning to publish them (other than on my site). I'm not sure that there's anything hugely unique about it but I thought it might be more interesting to shoot some non-models for a while.

    Anyway, if anybody is interested then great, you'll get some nice photos out of it. If not, then thanks for your time.

    Take care,
    Why are you and Steve Showpony wearing radios?
  • @ pornomike

    Beats me, this was shot on a weekend...couriers don't wear radios at the weekend, do they?
  • Lol...Sleepy, I want your babies!! :whorship:
  • Sleepy,can I have your ears?
  • sure, there's enough for everyone.
  • Dear Sleeps...

    hello gorgeous!
  • Who's your intelligent looking twin brother with that nice tidy haircut?
  • http://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?wizard=1#!/photo.php?fbid=264228420056&set=o.109835663430
    Sleeps,call them ears?
  • *waves at nanu*

    really sorry i've not been in contact feller- life's thrown me some real googlies in the last few weeks, been a little bit sideways.

    capt mysterious- the hair has been oscillating between tidy and unruly, though never quite reaching previous messiness since it turned into a unilock in late 2005. you've been away for a while!

    overdrive- did i just hear a gauntlet clattering to the ground? you want an ear-off?
  • *waves back*
    better sideways than downdwards old friend

    Don't worry about it darlin', my own small life has also gone completely spastic. Working seven days a week at the mo, having said that, there is hope- it's a dream job. I've finally landed that welder-boatbuilder contract I've been hanging out for for so long. Starting work on building a 23metre thames passenger launch from the keel up. Excited? You knows it, exhausted already? you knows that too.

    Anyway, aren't unilocks what happens to hair when you make a habit of falling asleep with your head in a bass-bin?
    Big Love, Innit.

    The rest of you can have your thread back now....
  • Oh Nanu, we love you.
  • Nanu last seen driving a scrap van round soho, ( an unnecessary s there?) Love to you Bro, glad to hear about boatbuilding job, see you at Lovers next month?
  • Indeed I was being a professional pikey for a week, you just wouldn't believe how much cash I was collecting each day on that stuff- particularly the copper. Terrifying pocketing over two grand whilst surrounded by Real Pikeys. And it was soo lovely to bump, not literally, into you Gert and Pornomike. lets say it was a VERY strange experience to be back on London streets after so long, but in a considerably larger vehicle. Learnt the hard way that 3.5 ton trucks won't go round corners so fast, but also that if necessary they will go on the pavement, and you can still take off the odd wing mirror if you're careful.... It's possibly a good thing I was only doing it for one week only.
    As for the other thing, I'd better get on and call the lover then, but yeah, see you there for whatever it is. (if it's his birthday I presume he'll be drunk by four, incoherent by five, and wearing his pants on the outside by six. I do hope so)

    Loads of love to yez.
  • PS

    fancy doing another one of those weekend jaunts sometime in spring when the daylight, and weather is more clement?The last one we did was cool as mints.
  • Sorry I can't any help of you in this work but I must try for it.
  • You know what some of you guys are so backward and rude.

    The photographer was open as much as too include his website and email address.

    Better than some in the past. and to take the piss out of someones work is way out of line. He's a photographer and your a bike courier. Enough said!
  • ...and you are?? ...nuff, said. (and learn to spell, some of us are edoukayted dontcha know?!)
  • Costas the greek is back.
  • "Better than some in the past. and to take the piss out of someones work is way out of line. He's a photographer and your a bike courier. Enough said!" Yes indeed enough said.
  • Sorry, needed a cuppa. So, what have you been up to apart from stupid then? It must have been two, maybe three years now. You surely feel it by now, being an idiot across the board.
  • Ill be interested it is to be filmed in black and white and shot at edgy angles.
  • It is most likely "academic" by now. Costas?
  • WE Cycle Couriers are always 'suspicious' of the likes of they who are outsiders and don't know our ways and might try to inveigle their way into our affections, only to abuse our trust and steal our knowledge. BEWARE all you who enter here. IFYKWIM.

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