What do you know about Bristol?
  • Anyone here ever worked in Bristol, or know anyone who has? I'm contemplating trying another city (Manchester has grown a little tired) and Bristol has always been one of my favourites. So I'm wondering about working as an indy (again) possibly on the cargo bike, possibly not. Any inside info would be most useful...

    (more in hope than expectation)
  • It's almost in Wales.
  • yeah, one of it's plus points.
  • Hello zero, i think a chap called Josh us 2 work on his bike in Bristol old school messenger type of fella {cyclone city sprint creative} Bill should have his No.
  • Curly's right,Josh is from there.When he worked there I think there were only three bike couriers on the road.I'll let him know you're after info,zero.
  • He posts as Paperboy. He's going to tell you it's pointless.
    Basically Bristol is a massively alternative city, new age travellers everywhere, some pubs in St werburghs actually refuse to serve people without dreadlocks, graffiti is taught in schools from the age of 7.

    And yet only 3 couriers, go figure, it's not that kind of town.
  • lots and lots of ketamine if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Bristol is better than methanol
  • Although I don't know what a 'Brist' alkyl group looks like
  • people call it tricky 4 particular reasons
  • OverD you Know Curlys never wrong Bristol is the gate way to Devon @ Cornwall.Best part of England i would say apart from that its full of Brummies and jugglers
  • @John: that would be great, ta.
    'paperboy' gives no results.
    @curly: yeah, the gateway thing is part of the attraction.
    @captain: sounds ripe for picking - I'll just turn on the charm...
  • Dam I don't think the embed took, otherwise it would have been funny. Just hop on you tube do a search for "joker the bailbondsman"
  • Well that didn't work either, shoot it was funny dam it not big laugh funny but a quiet chuckle, dam. dam, dam. How about a link.
    BTW Muppet status that's a promotion right?
  • yeah, I heard she got a lovely pair of bristols.
  • Alright zero, paperboy was just my callsign at citysprint, never post here with it, but whats that by my name?

    Half cut now so I won't write too much but I think there is some potential in Bristol if you do things right, there was a few couriers in Bristol but far as I know there's none now & the city is no smaller, courier companies there just cant be arsed, they make their money with vans & thats it. So especially if you do freight there is a way as people there would like to use bikes if the option is there, cargo bike up st michaels hill or clifton vale though? josh 193 at gmail .com
  • hello Josh how r you fella? still workin with Jed?you should form a company with JJ call it square j.And yep your right about coppers ting the red ones my tipeull sorry half cut as well Collinwood wacked Geelong last night hang over as usual Collinwood into the grand final
  • Mike from my gaff in Devon i can see Wales my granddads name was Hugh Davies figure Snowdonia is just as preaty as Scandy but the laydies arnt
  • Yeah I'm alright Curly, hope you are too & I have been working with Jed a bit lately and got a few weeks job with him from Monday, gonna hear so much nonsense, he is growing snakes & a beer gut. Had a couple of weeks work in Swansea lately and I could see Devon from there too.
  • Take care up trees . Can you rub of his tats and my belly is maturing no keep the tats and one point i will be as mad as RONI KEEP PUNK ALIVE
  • Listen to what he says Josh. HE IS SAGE.

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