PHOTO SHOW courierfriendly /The Foundry 14th-18th April /DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER
  • Hi,
    I'm having a photography show next week at the Foundry and and my darling couriers project will be on display too.
    here it is, just to refresh some memories....

    and here's a website where you can find all the details... hope you like the pic on the flyer :)

    Officially opens on the 14th and will be on till sunday the 18th, and we all know where the foundry is...

    Hope to see you there,
  • That flyer pic is f*cking gold!
  • mh. tried to put it here but didn't work ...
  • Which one of the three is John Inman jerking off over?
  • It's not John Inman it's Jeffrey Archer. I'd like to know what's so funny about page 2 of Metro. I can't remember Metro being entertaining.
  • Jaysus!
    Some of you look old in those shots!
    Gertie looks at least fifty. Paps doesn't look a day under forty. The exception is Chris, who looks about half Gertie's age.
    Has some poor sod really been doing this 25 years?
    And how come someone else is allowed to be a Ricardo?
    Great pics though!
  • I like the slide show starting with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels" (Great book. Still widely available in bookshops. If you can find a bookshop that hasn't closed down. I'm not sure Amazon delivers to the areas most cycle couriers reside in.)
    That volume contains one of my fave quotes of all time:
    "Lenny Bruce had great potential until about 1961, when all the people who were getting such a kick out of him suddenly realised he was serious."
    Scarily true.
  • great show Lisa, very nice indeed
  • damn this thread is old

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