Shameless Plug
  • Hi all,

    My MA show is on at the Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore until this Sunday. It is open 11am-8pm today and tomorrow, and 11am-6pm Sunday. If you want to see flat-pack jewellery, bikes being devoured by a swarm of tiny lead aeroplanes, and what I have been doing when I've not been lying in the gutter off my tits in Berlin, come down!

  • Think I'll get down there sunday.
  • sounds great but dont think ill make it , cant bring meself to go into town this weekend i fecked but good luck with all of it matey, how long is your ex running?
  • yeah sounds great, me and jon will pop over at some point this weekend, oh and hey a BIG well done love.
  • To see the big bopper stand next to Ali's business card in the exact same clothes and pose was worth it alone!

    P.S. when the "House of Pistette" site up? ;)

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