selling caps for qboss
  • The LCEF have donated a box of plain cycling caps with no logo to the fundraising effort for Mikey Qboss who broke his collar bone in Berlin.I'll be selling them at £3 each in different colours at the Foundry friday(5th).
    Cheers to LCEF.x
  • what colours ?
  • Blue,red,yellow,black,dayglo green,and more.I'm working so I'll post again when i've had a proper look.
  • I'm on the verge of weeping and I'm almost 100% sure it's not the painkillers talking. London has been so supportive to me this past week that I'm completely at a loss for words. First Chaba (sorry man, I'm guessing on the spelling) spent the entire night in the hospital and dealt with the doctor's and nurses whom were less than pleased with me. Something about not standing still during the x-rays or some shit, who knows. It wasn't just any night either, it was his birthday. That's seriously the biggest favor anyone's done for me in recent memory. Chaba, you have no idea how relieved I was to see you when they finally took the safety railing off the bed and let me go out for a smoke. YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND AND A TRUE GENTLEMAN.

    Secondly, my little lady Juliana stuck it out with me for my entire train/ferry/train/train journey back to LDN. She helped me take my shirt off, take down the tent, put up with my travel anxiety, rolled with every punch the European transport system could dish out, and tolerated the ever-present stench of B.O. emanating from my supportive training bra thingy. She even put a plaster on the open wound on my little toe from when the nurses ran over my foot with the hospital bed (probably/probably my own fault). Juliana I love you.

    Thirdly, Ted (forum-ger numero ¡¡¡¡UNO!!!) was kind enough to carry my somewhat damp tent all the way back. It was a feat enough to get it to Berlin with two functional shoulders and impossible with one. If not for this fine man I would have been forced to take the easy rout and would be on a plane back to the states. May the gods bless this man and Canada. I never thought I would ever ever ever say such things.

    Fourthly, Tom Crow and Vortex have been gracious enough to prepare economic stimulus events for me. Before my ferry had even landed in Harwich Tom, Clockwork's #2 rider, had got the gears spinning on the event for tomorrow night. Vortex had already started to plan something by the time I got back to the campsite after the faithful night. This messenger community is stronger than anything I've ever seen or heard of. I love this job, I love this town and I love all of you (fucking pain killers are making me sappy n' shit).

    Finally, as noted above the LCEF is offering a hand when it's clearly not required to. This crash was my fault entirely and to be honest pretty much invitational with my lifestyle. Overdrive said it best when he said that I "was in party mood at the time" so I realize that I'm not eligible for anything. This gesture is truly undeserved but completely appreciated. Thank you guys so much.

    p.s. Overdrive, I’m always in party mood.
  • Just to say these plain caps were sent in error by the company we use to make the LCEF caps so we didn't pay for them or use any LCEF funds in getting them. May as well put them to use! Cheers to OD for the sortage..

    See you for this tomorrow. Can't see details on here anywhere..

    FRI 5TH
    £3 ENTRY
  • There are also purple,red and black,yellow and black,red and black caps on offer!
  • Hi, I'm a lil japanese fakenger living in Holland.
    I met Mike and had nice chat on the way back home from ECMC Berlin.
    Is it possible for me to contribute this somehow?

    Take care mikey!

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