Cyclist under lorry
  • Marcus has just said that a cyclist has gone under the wheels of a lorry at Clerkenwell Rd & Aldersgate junction. Bike is folded like a piece of origami.
  • fuck :sad: that's horrid.
  • Walshy,Kostas here.Do you know any emails for finno back in OZ? he kinda left in a harry and i didnt manage to meet up with him , just said goodbye over the phone.Email me if you know at you not the walshy i think you are then obviously this all doesn't make any sense to you so just ignore it.
  • kids today, no respekt
  • INSIDE SCOOP - The lorry driver was arrested immediately after the incident. After a police investigation he was found not-guilty. CCTV has provided evidence that the cyclist was careless. The driver was indicating early and the cyclist was wearing ipod headphones.

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