Watch out for the Monkey!
  • I ran into this guy on monday when i was stopped at hi-ho junction. Two lads were infront of me on bikes n the guy (No monkey mask) just rolled up n pushed the two lads full force off there bikes. Then he came rolling up to me to do the same so i punched him n he feel on his arse, he just got back up n muttered something n then skated off, as i turned as i was cycling down kingsway i saw him do it to another guy a few yards up.

    Two Pigs saw everything from across where the sainsburys is n just laughed amongst themselves, When i asked what they were gonna do about it they just done the typical piggy moves n wrote things down n called a few people.

    The guy matches all descriptions given from the earlier posts so its obvious he's been around for a while.......
  • This is just amazing.

    Kucharz666 tale of woe does nothing to bolster my opinion of the police.
  • I talked to a couple of cops in a van yesterday about this, and they said (as I'm sure you would expect), that nothing can be done unless people give statements. But they did say they would keep their eyes open in case they saw him doing something dodgy.
  • The last two encounters I had with the old bill confirmed my ideas of them being useless f*ckwits.
    They don't care anymore.(and the cnuts beat me up when I was young)
  • thank you nhatt- can everyone involved in any kind of incident please get down to the cop shop NOW!!!

    jp- the incident you describe is still common assault, with a deluge of incidents about this nut case the cops will have no choice but to act.
  • glad to hear you are ok Chandra

    of all the people to pick on...unreal

    sounds like this guy needs treatment and care far far away from the community

    reckon 5-0 neeed to know..better that he is taken out of circulation than any messenger/cyclist get done for assaulting him, tempting as it may be...
  • It looks like London cops are almost as useless as Anchorage cops. Anyway it's still a good idea to keep reporting this assclown if nothing else it establishes that the guys a menace and if someone doses give him the beat-down he so richly deserves it'll make it easier to prove that person acted in self-defense.
  • I do agree that reports and statements are a good idea but as overdrive stated the cops are generally useless twats and never have I received any help from them whatsoever. Out of interest does anyone have any idea on the self defense stance in British law? I've heard a few different versions but I'm sure being pushed whilst riding in traffic counts as a life threatening act so hopefully any* actions you take after to get yourself out of danger may be acceptable by law?

    (*obviously not any actions but you see what I'm getting at)
  • As understandable as desires 'to take this guy out' are ( I have them myself) what this guy really needs is not a good kicking but one of those funky white jackets that buckle and zip up the back and a large dose of Lithium based drugs.

    The law here allows one to use 'reasonable force' both to protect yourself( and possibly others) and to prevent certain crimes being committed, I suspect the definition of reasonable depends on how rich you are.
  • He's probably a security guard from a Land Securities building who's just treating couriers like crap to keep his eye in during his lunch break.
  • Well hopefully (actually not hopefully but the lesser of two evils) is that he is mentally ill rather than some prick engaging in advanced happy slapping. At least that way he could receive help.
  • If he's the latter perhaps we should emasculate him?
  • Any more monkey developments?
  • can't see it
  • On a brighter note, look out for a slightly more friendly monkey on the streets today (friday).
    Its none other than my brother getting up to some monkey business for Red Nose Day. He is not the evil skate monkey you all seek so dont attack the poor fella. Spread the word and if ur really making all those dockets, go and sponsor him . He might even give you a banana to keep u going......
    Happy monkey spotting
  • he works for smoke and mirrors?
  • Nope, he's self employed. Why, did they have a monkey out on the town?
  • The monkey is wayne.
    Banana mince.
  • @od. TOSSER!
  • im the munnnnnnnnnnnnnkey!
  • Just a warning - I think I saw this chap again on Proctor Street the other day. No monkey mask in evidence, but he was a sturdily built black or mixed-race chap, on skates, shouting loudly to himself, and carrying half a bottle of wine (at about lunchtime). I think this matches Chandra's description, and it it would be odd and slightly alarming if there were more than one unhinged skater in the Holborn area. Be safe...

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