Wanna go for a ride in Anchorage?
  • You seam like a nice bunch. I'd really like to take you all for a short ride around downtown Anchorage but it's too dam expensive to bring you guys over and finding bikes, studded tires, and winter gear for everybody..... So through the magic of the digital photography.
    First we have the view from West High hill. Through the houses up to the parkstrip and the western edge at 9th. and N. st. then on to 8th. and L, How about some coffee? Then we have the view down G st. then on to 4th avenue where we can see the state court building at 4th. & H and the old federal building and bankruptcy courts then back down G st. where we see a commuter and then the Lad who does food delivery for a place called Urban Greens. I have to drop off a coffee for the wife. Then as we cross the parkstrip a last glance at downtown. Then the residential neighborhood then into the nice part of the fairview neighborhood a right onto the bike trial along C st. headed towards mid-town but we're not going there, it sucks, we're going to the greenbelt for what my union member friends refer to as "a safety meeting" I forgot to take any pictures there, dam short term memory. A little after 4:20 pm. (16:20) it starts to get dark. Let's head back towards downtown. Somewhere around 13th & H I remember to take a picture. Let's stop in to Darwin's for a quick beer. That's my current favorite beer (It tastes a lot like Steamwhistle for those lucky enough to have been to Toronto) if we'd gotten there a minute sooner there would have been a Red Hot (Darwin's house shot cinnamon schnapps with a dash of tabasco sauce, bloody awful you might say.), one of the regulars brought a round for the house we herd the cheer of " Hooooooooooo!" as we locked-up. The last photo represents what I call "Darwin's other theory" The quick beer turns into a few blurry hours.
    Shot the day pictures last friday during a slow lunchtime lull, the evening photos in real time and wrote this today during lunchtime lull.
  • Bless your cotton socks Kirk
  • Those would be polly-pro socks under wool socks.
  • Hey - shouldn't these be in Messenger Town?
  • You're welcome to put them there. I asked to be invited.
  • - ave a look: invite got processed, maybe you got no mail back, shoulda happened. you is member no 2, fool!
  • someone obviously flagged your blog for objectionable content kirk, but theres nothing objectionable on there. is it possible to request that blogger.com remove the content warning? its kind of annoying...
  • I put that there because I sometimes say "fuck"
  • I don't think a content warning is appropriate just because you use a few naughty words amongst a load of good stuff. It's not as if your blog contains obscene torture porn or graphic murder photos or anything like that.
  • How did you know what I was planning for next week? You're right I'm being silly I'll try and switch it back sometime soon.

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