I almost became the next left turning lorry statistic
  • Going down Cheapside this afternoon in the cycle lane and an articulated lorry is coming up behind me, I've been about 40/50 metres ahead of him for about 30 seconds when he starts to speed up and eventually catches up to me. I'm now riding level with the front of his cab and can't see his indicator and I'm thinking 'surely he's not about to turn left, he's seen me ahead and saw how fast I was going so he must know I'm still down the side of him. But no, as I always tell everyone who asks me advice on riding around London, always assume that the nearest person to you is about to pull a fucking stupid move and anticipate for it. He swings left, smacks into me and sees or hears me fall and stops with me and my bike under the lorry at which point I seriously thought it was over. I realise I'm not actually dead, get up from under the cab and pull my bike out, the driver gets out and starts trying to have a go at me at which point 2 white van men (of all people) who have stopped come over and give him a savage verbal blasting and basically lay it down how they saw events unfold and thankfully put my point across as I was still in major shocked and dazed mode.
  • Glad you're still alive. Sounds like a fucking horrible experience man. Did you get his details? Report to police? Write to the company he works for?
  • Was in a 'happy to not be dead' daze and the white van men seemed to be spitting vitriolic fire at the guy for me, I wandered off and only came round when my controller was frantically calling me about 30 mins later asking where I was and I snapped to and realised I had been walking along and had sat down by the river.
  • That's the problem with these incidents, adrenaline kicks in, you go into shock, and you don't do thie things that you're 'supposed' to do. Which is totally understandable, because it's scary as fuck, probably second only to being shot at.

    Are you injured at all? Is your bike OK? Is there any CCTV in that area? Do you want me to buss one shot inna him bloodclaat?
  • I'm fine, my bikes fine (derailleur got slightly bent but I bent it back) There probably is cctv, this is London let's not forget, but I'm honestly just happy to be alive really, when I fell under the cab and saw the wheel coming towards me I honestly thought 'This is actually it' it stopped not 2 metres away from me and I lay there and breathed what felt like the best breath ever. I could expend a lot of energy following things up but I'm sure I could channel my energy into a lot more positive things, I think the driver realised his error as soon as the other guys piped up and explained the situation from an onlooker's perspective. If I had had my wits about me I should have braked and waited for him to pass me as I normally do whenever HGVs come near me, I normally leave NOTHING to chance when riding near HGVs and this just reiterated why.
  • Wow. You didn't do much wrong there, apart from not "[assuming] that the nearest person to you is about to pull a fucking stupid move and anticipate for it."

    Scary. Did you get any of his details?
  • Nope, got up and started walking off in a daze really, it was big and white is all I remember unfortunately :confused:
  • Thats the problem... when something super awful actually happens you go into some kind of wierd self-defence mode- same thing happened to me except I went under and got mashed- all I could think about was the fact that my sunglasses might have been smashed, and that I might lose the deposit on my equipment. Glad you are O.k and Long live the noble white van man?!
  • '...and that I might lose the deposit on my equipment'


    Yeah for some reason that was my first thought when I realised I was being called on the radio 'I'm glad my radio wasn't damaged I'd have to pay for a new one'
  • I can't believe the lorry driver started to have a go at you? Can you remember what possible justification he thought he had to accuse you of being at fault? So lucky the white van men came to the rescue....
  • FUCKING HGVS fuck em all up the ar^!?se! :middlefinger: good on u son for enduring a fuckin terrible incident mate. I wouldve shat myself personaly
  • Apparently I should have known I was riding in a well known blind spot and what the fuck was I doing riding there, my mind span out as was about to get furious then mateys came along and unleashed for me, I was so relieved as I really did not want to get angry right there and then.
  • I feel queasy every time I've read through this thread.

    So glad you are alright Festerban.

    You can have all the blind spot mirrors strapped to a lorry you want, but if the person driving it is a moron and without any awareness then it makes no difference.

    I've had a couple of white van drivers leap to my defence as witnesses etc over the years.
  • it's like a jungle out there
    sometimes I wonder
    how I keep from going under

    it's like a jungle out there
    sometimes I wonder
    how I keep from going under

    ...and that's the truth of it. It don't matter how much we campaign and hustle, there's a potential psychopath behind every wheel. Most of us survive most of the time - what doesn't kill us leaves us bitter and scarred. And wiser.

    Every day is war.
  • we bow unto you wise yoda of the cycles zeroo cc :whorship:
  • Grandmaster Zero and the furious five speed
  • glad you're OK, sounds horrible (and worryingly it seems at least one driver is using the blind spot as an excuse for general cuntery).

    But I do think following this up would be something positive. The next person might not be so lucky.
  • Very happy to read that you made it. Had a friend who did not, hence now I'm the 'fooker' who rides in the middle of the road unless the cycle path is 2m wide and clear of broken glass & car doors, the smaller ones are a bloody health hazard as cyclists think their safe.

    If a driver beeps, that's the 'beach' who would have squashed, klipped or squezzed you - fook him.


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