Cyclists and HGVs
  • Hi guys... I'm a courier with Excel, but for a few days am working with a TV production company hoping to make a Panorama documentary about us guys (by which I mean cyclists, and not just couriers) getting munched by HGVs.

    Basically, Panorama are interested, but are not interested if all we have is a London-based issue. To a lesser extent they're only partially interested in incidents from Oxford and Cambridge, what, therefore, I'm after, are cases from around the land, showing the HGV thing to be the nationwide concern that any cyclist using a road regularly will know it to be. I'm asking about on LFGSS (London fixed-gear single speed, for those outside the south-east) too, and if anyone recalls recent incidents in home towns, has heard stuff from riders elsewhere in the country, then let me know, and I'm happy to chase any leads myself.

    Cheers very much in advance, take care out there
  • for some national stats on the HGV cyclist thing see this:
  • Iron Eye's in Brum, isn't he? I seem to recall his last thread was about some deeply twattish HGV driving nearly killing him (and the one before about a motorist deliberately knocking him over).
  • I heard and have seen that in oxford (on a particular turning off the highstreet) I think its called long wall? Thre was a death fairly recently caused by an HGV turning left into a cyclist, they have since made this turning a no left turn because of it, sure you will be able to find some info if you google it.
  • Hi guys... thanks very much for the help... we're just writing up a proposal for Panorama this week, and then hoping to hear back from them about whether they want to put money the way of the programme. In the meantime, feel free to continue with the ideas... it's amazing how much strength there is amongst the grassroots cycling movement (lfgss,bikeradar,movingtarget,ctc)

    I'll post up with news either way.
  • There was a young lad killed in Northallerton, North Yorkshire a few months back. Story was he was riding back from work experience job and a lorry just didn't see him on the road. Nowt to do with turning left etc but a fatal incident none the less. Dont know if this is any help
  • good luck with this, tipper lorry's are the worst imo.

    FUCK KELTBRAYS stickers would be good
  • FT: First Person: Cynthia Barlow

    After her daughter was killed by a lorry, Cynthia Barlow has forced construction companies to fit new indicators on their lorries, and to train their drivers to be more sympathetic to cyclists.
  • Cynthia is an old friend of Moving Target:
  • Can anyone point me in the direction of the most recent and reliable stats for cyclists killed by HGVs in London?

    Apologies if it's something obvious - I have limited time to search.
  • I think they probably just maim them more often than kill them :0)
  • It's just dawned on me, higher fuel prices and car insurance prices, driving more people to become cyclists and more cyclists get munched by crazy road users. The world and especially the UK is overpopulated, thus it would seem its a new form of population control?

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