Are you gonna be in Birmingham on Halloween?
  • sorry for spamming up your london courier forum with birmingham noncourier bollocks, but you never know, someone from london might happen to be visiting brum on that day on their bike...


    8.15ish… Gory, Gruesome Group ride starting from Scruffy’s - pretty fast, not slow like Critical Mass - all riders welcome. Dress in halloween costume!

    later… Devil takes the hindmost race - either Hockley or Digbeth - fixed gear entry only (come and watch if you don’t have a fixed wheel bike).

    even later… trackstand competition (fixed gear only of course)


    later still… THE PUB
  • p.s. I should probably learn to draw instead of ripping off Fixedfiend's artwork...
  • fixed gear only? you fascist fakenger brummie donkey c#*nts x
  • So you're not going then Dazzler?
  • Any links or extra pics of your flier's artwork?

    This picture and the one on last flier are sick!
  • they were drawn by fixedfiend

    the 2 pieces of art I saw here:

    I emailed him to ask if I could use them but he didn't reply, so I take that as "I don't care".
  • By the way:

    Everybody knows Bad Man is the fastest rider;
    I accelerate faster than the Hadron Collider.
    My speed is more deadly than a Funnel Web spider
    And the Highway Agency had to make the road wider
    'cause Bad Man's so fast that he needs his own lane.
    If you come in my way you're gonna experience pain.
    Bad Man rides in snow, sleet, fog and rain;
    I ride in all weather for monetary gain.
  • No answer always means do what you want until told otherwise in my books :)
    Thanks for the link, sick lyrics too! I may have to introduce you to my friend Bunja Man for a battle, 'im lyric too tuff fi mention
  • if u make it gears aswell, i'll ride up from notts
  • too tuff fi mention? rahtid. mus be some tuff lyrics; tougher than commando, rougher than rambo!!!
  • Ya mun, tuffa dan a diamond chuck norris ya 'ear?
  • rahtid to clahtid! me nuh deal wid nuh hatred ting.... well except for hatred of bad driva dem. murda dem to fuckry!
  • nice one BM; you're a good man really. Festerban - grow up.
  • No, I am a good man. Bad Man is badder than bad.
  • Don't worry, no seriousness from me, I think the gay hate thing in ragga is deplorable, I was mocking it really, sorry if it came across differently.

    Bun fyah pon dem dutty pollutin cyar driver man dem
  • ok Fester.
    Good man, bad man, where will it end? Masturbator Man?
  • Thoroughly Pleasant man?
  • I know someone who calls himself Fairly Decent Man

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