Wanted On Warrant
  • Had a terrible experience yesterday, 2.30pm riding up cannon st looking for a spot to standby.
    Decided on the benches by the old Allen and Overy building and went to swerve accross the road, realized I wouldnt make it before the oncoming traffic so pulled back over to the left. Suddenly theres a cop car beside me and they want a word. I pull over and have a friendly chat with the 5-0. He calls my details through on his radio and im waiting for the off... Suddenly the other copper gets out of the car and flanks me, I hear a siren... "You've come up as wanted mate, so i have to arrest you". What the fuck??? Some sort of joke right?
    The meat waggon turns up within seconds and in goes my bike. Im put in the car and taken to snow hill cop shop.
    After a couple of hours they work out that the warrant for my arrest is for an unpaid ticket for cycling on the pavement from 3 years ago (Ive never been given any such ticket). "Court tomorrow, they want £350". Oh shit, a night in jail...
    The cell door closes and it starts to sink in... From standby to cell, oh how my day has just changed.. A few minutes in a cell is too long, Im in there for 7 hours... To be deprived of your freedom has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. I was ready to do anything to get out, including pay for an offence I didnt commit.
    Thanks to my girlfriend who came down in a taxi and bailed me out, I was free!
    Never want to repeat the experience...

  • Getting nicked is doubleplusnofun. You have my sympathies. Have you paid off the fantasy fine or are you going to argue it?
  • I would have paid anything to get the hell out of there...
    Almost a weeks wages gone before I even got to check my balance...
  • 7 hours for an unpaid ticket for cycling on the pavement. Even if you had been given the ticket, what a fucking joke that is. Fuck the police, seriously, fuck them right up the arse with an 18" dildo until they fatally haemorrhage.
  • That really sucks.
  • shit.

    But on the upside, you got a ticket for your bike from the police that says 'wow'.
  • The only upside to the ticket is that it proves i didnt just piss off to the pub early!
    its the £350 that makes me "WOW", apart from the whole being locked up business.

  • what does WOW mean? walking on water?
  • It clearly says in the title of the thread.
  • When I'm stopped for doing something naughty by Her Majesty's Metropolitan Filth and asked to give my name, I always give the name of someone I know to be a Moving Target regular.....nomally someone from Metro......or Pink.
  • Shucks, CB, you're such a nice man!

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