Discount vouchers for swrve clothing
  • No I don't work for them, but they did co-sponsor Rollapaluza XI.

    They have also given us a load of 15% discount vouchers for purchases from their website:

    quite a bit of their stuff looks suitable for work and what's this..... a fair labour policy?.....that's something you don't see everyday!

    anyway email me: if you want a voucher code.
  • We acknowledge that clothing seems to have been one of the most significant factors to be considered along with other day-to-day concerns. We are simply incumbent upon wearing basic clothes most of the time of a day. For women, jeans along with tops are simply considered as basic clothes while they tend to go outside. Even sometimes, they opt to wear them while staying at home as well. stands upright as the provider of jeans for women making sure that they get discount clothes.
  • I just threw away my old Metro T-shirts which can be worn at work or at home.They are probably at the recycling depot in Holloway right now if anybody's interested.

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