Bill, Nhatt and Will on Radio 4...

    (its mis-advertised as a doc about motorcycle couriers)
  • Bill, anthropologist, weatherman, pie delivery man, life coach and guru, is there anything that this man can't do?
  • even the page with the radio player on it has a picture of a motorbike courier! facking incompetent bbc idiots
  • Cool : ) :clap:
  • I'd be really interested to know what you all think of the documentary.
  • I thought it was really cool. It took a little while to get used to all the beeps and the radio talk fillers, but it came across as a nice little touch. Pretty well edited, people saying the right things at the right time. Some lush insights into our world... will hopefully go some length to make people realise we're not just a bunch of arseholes. Well done guys.
  • I enjoyed it, it had that gentle radio four lilt that makes you crave tea and scones with clotted cream in a nice comfy old armchair.
  • Oh- and the beeps made me all dewy eyed and nostalgic. Where's my spare battery?
  • 'It took a little while to get used to all the beeps and the radio talk fillers'

    I thought by now you'd be used to it after listening to it all day.
  • aww.. that was really sweet - comfy, like nanu said. Kinda made me miss The Smoke though - Will & Nhat talking me through the streets I'd almost forgotten: maybe someone can do some podcasts that i can listen to while working in BORING TINY LITTLE manchester...

    oh, and nhat: your call-sign sounds like 'therefore, therefore'' which is kinda cool.

    and will - fifty year old courier says: don't be insecure about it man. yeah, I know you ain't.

    and bill still bill
  • yo zero give me a job innit
  • "and bill still bill"

    who the hell else would I be?
  • Considered, charming and honest I thought. Fair play all round.

    Could have used just a smattering of drum and bass on the soundtrack maybes??
  • Again Bill proves he has a great face for radio.
  • what a nice way to eat up a quarter of my 2 HOUR STAND BY! good stuff peeps.
  • katie, the producer, sent me an e-mail apologising for the BBC saying it was about motorbikers and is going to try and get that changed on the site.
    The programme was reviewed in the Guardian today. It is now officially "hard not to like Will". Go on, try, it can't be done.
  • front page
  • "
    "and bill still bill"

    who the hell else would I be?

    ..that was just a (very) minimalist poem about the eternal nature of Bill...

    although you might wanna go with Iron Eye's suggestion for a new ID!
  • "oh, and nhat: your call-sign sounds like 'therefore, therefore'' which is kinda cool."

    At my last company, my number was 13... At the end of the hard day, I'd always call in 'run free, run free'
  • charming , a sweet and lovely tone poem. . . the ennui! the agony! the. . . "no brakes!!"

    last parcel. . . nice quote buff.

    rubba 'dawg
  • ..and can I just say welcome and wherethefuckyabeen to the rubba' dawg? Welcome aboard old chap - we need more of the old school around here. Or would that maybe be 'pre-school'?
  • Was quite surprised to see London's Calling advertised in the What's On feature in Thelondonpaper!
  • Is it possible to download the file? I'd like to have it local
    Nice one
  • is that Vilku the super fast Rollapaluza racer form ECMC.....or someone else?
  • Damn it
  • vilku - I put the MP3 up on my site - feel free to grab it -
  • Hey! I've just been promoted from n00b to muppet.
    And I'm a muppet for sure.
    How did you do the photo pasting???
  • I only just had a listen to this. Lovely soundscapes of the city, great music!

    I was about to have a whinge about the general presumptuousness of this sort of documentary, how their producers' attempt to take a "snapshot" of a group of people ends up being a mildly fascistic declaration on their fatal existence. (See the baker: he bakes bread; see the cycle courier: he has races and gets run over.) I often get the feeling that, in trying to pick a "representative" sample of the particular set of humans they're making a programme about, the producers - wilfully or otherwise - create or reinforce an archetype with a set role in life, when really it's just individuals doing a job.

    I had to shift my stance once I'd heard the doc's coda and Will's photographic dreams. "People are not what they do." Were never a truer word spoken, Will.
  • My final word on this: When I said 'People are not what they do' the producer, Katie, said I'd just made her documentary and I didn't understand why but others have picked up on the line so I guess she knows what she's doing.
    When I first (and second and third) heard the programme I was disappointed, angry even, for the same reasons as Ernie and the comments I sent to Katie about it were fairly harsh. But then I went to stay with my brother and his family at the weekend and took the CD of the doc with me for them to listen to. This we did as we drove along on a day out and I found tears coming to my eyes, moved by hearing couriers' own voices on the radio, having a chance to represent, as best they could, people I have spent my whole working life with and who are so often maligned, suddenly realising that the programme was not for us who do the job and know it inside out and can pick holes in any representation of it but for everyone else listening, including my family, who don't know it, don't understand it, live very different lives and who were getting a beautifully edited opportunity to learn a little of what we do and what we feel about it.
    So now I feel pretty grateful to Katie for making the programme and I think the people I am closest to have slightly more idea what it is I actually do and why, at my age, I am still doing it.
  • I liked it very much and really liked the gentle tone to the piece.
    I think that programme did a great deal to help shift perceptions of what cycle messengers are.
    All be it perceptions held by radio 4 listeners who maybe had no real idea in the first place as chances are they don't live in a metropolitan area, but anyway.

    I was so pleased there wasn't a section going into details about bicycles or any of the other things that can be bought or bought into.

    Having time to look at life around you and photograph it....Looking at the sky....Holding hands whilst riding over waterloo bridge (other details not important)..... All very emotive images it must be said.

    Here Here!
  • I am listening to it now this for the third time today it didn't half take me back (1984 -1990) I thought the BBC did an excellent job

    Capturing the hard gritty nature of the job and dangers faced bycouriers

    But also the reason I loved being a courier

    The Freedom

    Listening to Bill talking about the London Sky

    Made me want to jack it all in and call "on yer bike" and ask them for a job


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