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2.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

I have a basic understanding of the laws of supply and demand, which is that as the price of an item goes up, so the demand for the item falls. Conversely, if the supply of an item goes down, so the price will go up. As older messengers know, Zo bags, whether new or not, have always been in shorter supply than other brands of messenger bags. But with Erik hardly making any new bags at all in recent years, the supply has dwindled. And so the price of a Zo bag has gone up.

In my view, there is no more authentic messenger item than a Zo bag. Whether one should give a shit about authenticity is another matter, but some people obviously do care enough to pay what I think are extraordinary sums of money for 2nd hand Zo bags. This time last year a 2nd hand Zo bag sold for $393. This is around 5 times the price Erik would have charged a SF messenger, back when he was selling bags on a Friday night at the Zeitgeist, or more than 4 times what I paid him for a Gravy Dog 11 years ago.

Towards the end of last year a 2nd hand Zo, with clear signs of heavy wear, sold for $237. At the time, using the sale price as an index to the hipness of messenger style, I suggested that messengers had gone out of fashion, a bit like the service offered by messengers was less popular.

However, given that a 2nd hand bag Zo bag (albeit with a ‘real’ messenger company logo on it) sold for $350 this weekend, clearly the dip below $250 was a temporary aberation. I like my Zo bag, and I think that Erik’s design has yet to be bettered, if you are after a water-proof, durable single-strap bag without any technical features, but there is no way I would pay $200 for a new bag, never mind for a 2nd-hand Zo.

But it’s easy for me to say that: I have one. And I guess the reason there are so few on the market is that no-one I know who has a Zo would ever sell it. Well, maybe for $5000…

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  1. The vanity of some people is unbelievable.

    — Kostas    2 March 2009, 09:28    #
  2. More American rubbish.

    — overdrive    2 March 2009, 11:37    #
  3. That was a bit harsh.Er…sorry.

    — overdrive    2 March 2009, 14:09    #
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