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Zindex plunges!
2.12.08 by Buffalo Bill

Earlier this year, in my own homage to bikesnob’s pistadex, I devised the Zindex. At that time it was running at +3.93 (the sale price of a 2nd hand Zo bag divided by the price of a new one). Earlier today, a 2nd hand Zo bag sold for $237, giving a Zindex of +2.37. This means that the Zindex, a measure of the hipness of messenger culture, has plunged by 1.56, a loss of nearly 40%. The credit crunch has bitten urban hipsters hard.

Thanks to westcoast at House of Pistard for reminding me about the Zindex.

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  1. golly…do you suggest I sell sell sell my 13 year old Zo? Although I was never a ‘real’ messenger (just a messenger widow) my current Zo replaced the one I got ripped off by a gun-toting Bogot√° street gang – is that ‘real’ enough?

    — mutrix    2 December 2008, 16:50    #
  2. yes. sell it now. to me.

    — ms attack    2 December 2008, 22:11    #
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