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Zak Speedfast chickens out of Courier Nocturne!
22.06.07 by Buffalo Bill

So far 5 teams have confirmed for the Courier Race at Smithfield Nocturne. They are:

  1. Creative Couriers (Scott Nelson, Michael, John, Sarah)
  2. Hell on Wheels (Vojtech Blazejovsky, Ondrej Capek, Oli Pritchard, Wojtek Chlebek)
  3. Messenguerilla (Comrade Castro, General Disarray, Captain Luke Fasttalker, Professor Chaos)
  4. Rollapaluza (Caspar, Therese, Winston, Marco)
  5. BMS Manchester (John Chang, Adam Cottee, Clodge Claudio, Conrad Haskins)

But where is Zak? London’s self-proclaimed sexiest, fastest, coolest, freshest, illest, dopest bicycle messenger is not on the team roster anywhere. Has the Speedmaster lost his bottle? Or has he once again been kidnapped by the Evil Genius Kaspar von Metrokontrollar in a dastardly bid to clear the field of potential rivals for his crack team of ex-engers (and Marco)?

And who are the mysterious Messenguerilla? Are they the messenger version of the Spectrum, mortal enemies of the ex-enger Mysterons?

Find out Saturday night 7pm in Smithfield.

PS It’s not too late to enter, Zak! Call 020 7261 1185 and ask for Fran or James.

  1. don’t forget to warm up at Tour d’Arsenal before this….at Arsenal stadium, Rollapaluza rollers will be there…

    winston    22 June 2007, 14:48    #
  2. Bill darling isn’t it 6pm start?

    — breaking away    22 June 2007, 16:16    #
  3. Is it? Oh well, 6pm then….

    — Bill    22 June 2007, 16:19    #
  4. Actually the Courier race IS at 7pm, you big smarty-pants! :-)

    — Bill    22 June 2007, 16:20    #
  5. one page of their site says 6 another 7….i think 7 is the most recent…

    Winston    22 June 2007, 16:27    #
  6. Freshest, Illest, Dopest? I am machine not man. I don’t compute with these ‘labels’ that humans require to feel safe in their little bubble. I am made of Iron. I was created by Marco, the evil scientist messenger. I was created to cycle 200 miles a day and to win alleycat after alleycat. You can not hurt me you can only make me stronger. Boom

    — Zack Speedfast    22 June 2007, 17:20    #
  7. Buuuurp

    — Slack Drinkslow    22 June 2007, 22:25    #
  8. Are Pink not taking part anymore?

    — hmmmm    22 June 2007, 22:50    #
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