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X-days Zurich & Arnhem Uphill Alleycat - January 2007
22.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

X-days of Zurich – 26th December – 1st January
The Zurich messengers are a great crew. CMWC 99 is a long time ago, but it will live long in the memory, not least for being the best organised CMWC to date. I don’t want to bore you with memories, but it was in 99 at the Lucky 7 bar that roller-racing was introduced to the messenger masses, and proved as infectious a racing disease as alleycats were back in 93. I know that London would never have developed the wonder that is Rollapaluza if we had not come, seen and been conquered in the Lucky 7 bar.

The ZH massive also organised the ECMC pre-event in 2005, the Side-show, which introduced a another innovation. No, not the snuff. The 24 hour alleycat. So all in all, a resourceful and playful bunch. Their latest endeavour is the Zurich X-days, which coincides with the Zurich 6 day race. As part of the event, a few lucky X-day riders will get the chance to ride the boards of the track on the final night of racing, in front of the crowds at the Hallenstadion. The event kicks off on 26th December 2006

More details and registration on the X-days of Zurich web-site.

Arnhem Uphill Alleycat – 12th January
I have been annoying my dutch friend Vincent Velocity by claiming that there are no hills in Holland. Annoying the dutch is one of my favourite past-times. It’s harmless, and there no serious consequences. What are they gonna do? Batter me to death with a tulip?

Anyway, of course I know that there are hills in Holland. I vividly remember watching the World Championship Pro Race hammering up the Valkenburg climb in 98. Golly, what a race that was! So if you fancy weekend of bicycle fun in sunny Holland then the 12th of January is the time to go. If you book now, there will be cheap fares on the train, and if you get the train, there won’t be any nasty oh, I went to the wrong airport, and then the airline bent my bike stories.

While I am baiting the dutch, Vince can you please allow links to individual posts? I want to link to the post on the uphill alleycat and I can’t. Big kiss! More information about the Arnhem Uphill Alleycat (no, there isn’t an uphill skid contest, silly) on the excellent Haute Courier web-site

  1. The first 24 hour alleycat was in Holland 2004. You wanna piece of my klomp?
    6 days is definatelly worth going though, as is the Arnhem uphill off course

    — Jos    22 November 2007, 21:29    #
  2. will there be an uphill skid contest?

    — messenger of doom    23 November 2007, 05:45    #
  3. br.youtube.com/watch…

    — sally fist    25 November 2007, 10:17    #
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