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World Naked Bike Ride - Sat June 9th Hyde Park Corner 3pm
8.06.07 by Buffalo Bill

Scott and Tofu at ECMC 2005 pic: Selimski

Riding naked is something that certain bicycle messengers enjoy very much. In the early days of the Cycle Messenger World Championships, nudity was rampant. A Boston rider won ‘Best Dressed Messenger’ for having no clothes at all in ’93, and Viktor Veysey, formerly a SF, Berlin and London messenger, now of the Bike Hut, painted himself with pro-cycling slogans and got a lot of attention at the same event. In Toronto at the 1995 CMWC there was virtually a naked alleycat. And, of course, London’s fastest cycle courier, the much-missed Tofu, was rarely seen with his clothes on at major messenger events, as we can see from this picture (his sweet cheeks are on the left in this photo – thanks again to Selimski!).

So if you want to sample what the early days of the CMWC were like, you could do worse than go along to Hyde Park Corner tomorrow at 3pm for the London Naked Bike Ride, part of the World Naked Bike Ride. The Naked Bike Ride is a little bit like Critical Mass. Basically, it’s just a bunch of people on bikes getting together being silly. Harmless fun on a Saturday afternoon in Central London.

As with Critical Mass, however, you can kid yourself that there is are serious political objectives that will be achieved by this activities. Of course, there is never any harm in having fun and drawing attention to some heavyweight ‘issues’. But in the end, do you really need a reason to rip off your clothes and go for a ride with other people? Surely that’s a major contribution to global peace and understanding in itself. As Scott says: the more people that see my arse, the better!

If you want to go and have questions about legality, minimum clothing, route and all that stuff then check the WNBR Wiki site.

More naked muppets here

  1. Incredible day..big turn out in more ways than one…anyone got any funny stories?

    — breaking away    9 June 2007, 20:53    #
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