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Will I ever get another job again?
25.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

no fucking work! pic: Selimski

This is a question I used to ask myself on really slow days. Sitting in Soho Square, or in the Court Caff or in the rider’s room. A slow day. The futility of having finely-tuned racing machine that was racing nowhere, locked to a railing.

The pointlessness of buying another hot drink on a cold day, conscious that you hadn’t even made enough money to pay for it. The anxiety as the slow day turns into a slow week. And is followed by another slow week. A month ago we had a postal strike, and some riders were boasting of 200 pound days, 800 pound weeks. Now there’s no boasting, and it’s long faces on Fridays.

‘It’s crap, and this is supposed to be the busiest time of year’, said one rider to me.

I have never been able to predict what months will be busy, or even really explain why some days, or weeks, are slower than others. I don’t think anyone can. Why is it so slow now? I have no idea. The Northern Rock thing might be making everyone nervous about spending money, or it could be the price of oil, or the England team going out – your guess is as good as mine.

Is it the beginning of the end of courieriiering? No, definitely not. Nearly everything that can be sent down a wire already is, and people still find it necessary to bike hard-drives around. As I have said before, people have been predicting the death of the bicycle messenger since the 1950s. Is a recession just around the corner? Maybe, but couriers worked right throught the last two.

To keep your minds off feeling sorry for yourselves, you could try and feel sorry for the Los Angeles messengers. New rules that come into force Jan 1st 2008 mean that court filings can be made electronically. According to one LA messenger, 95% of the work that LA messengers do is court related.

  1. Nice article. Getting a bit sick of saying ‘Ah it’s slow cos it’s tues/weds/thurs etc.’…The biggest change I can see with stuff getting sent down a wire, is the packages getting larger with internet boutique shopping on the increase.

    — ifbm    25 November 2007, 23:53    #
  2. think of me when you stand-by.

    kisses and misses.

    tofu    26 November 2007, 02:10    #
  3. For some it’s hard. For some people, however, it’s a plague that never ends.

    — Ronnie Darko    26 November 2007, 02:29    #
  4. our company has gone from 60+ jobs a day for each of 3 riders, to 60 jobs a day split among 3 riders…
    thanks christ for hourly wage.
    need to point out though that this isn’t because of a new trend to wired, just a fucking muppet sales rep, moronic management and being the smallest city that a national/international company works in.
    i swear to god, they use brisbane as a tax write off….

    — lupine128    26 November 2007, 12:33    #
  5. hy! i want to work in england.wich messenger or courrier company can i choose when i arrived at london or ani city in england..?? sombody can help me? thx! hy!

    potter    26 November 2007, 23:52    #
  6. I get paid hourly..nah nah nah nah nah naaaahhhh ha!

    — maNHATTan    27 November 2007, 04:05    #
  7. www.movingtargetzine…

    you kind of answered the question posed in the article above there bill!

    — sleepy    27 November 2007, 12:30    #
  8. Electronic filing at both the state and federal level hit here (Alaska)about two years ago there has been a drop in volume. As to Mr. I get paid hourly. Just wait eventually someones gonna be talking cutting your hours.

    — Kirk R. Dungan    11 December 2007, 10:31    #
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