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Where is my bike?
2.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

I still haven’t had my thumb fixed. Apparently it is about 30 degrees out of alignment, and needs wiring. The hospital weren’t able to fit me in over the weekend. There was a sudden influx of Mercedes drivers suffering from lock wounds on Friday night. This may or may not be related to Westcoast messenger selling off the fruit of the labour of House of Pistard’s child slaves at the Snow. The now infamous shirt has sold out, and advance orders for the next run are now being taken.

Jakob is supposed to be bringing my Cooper home from where I left it on Thursday. He says it’s a ‘junk-pile’. His last known location was the Duke of York. He was waylaid by a female in Fiesta lost in Clerkenwell en route to Croydon.

  1. about your thumb: 11 or so years ago i had the same problem (came off my bike after hitting a huge, and unavoidable pothole in heavy traffic – could have been a lot worse). it was my right thumb and i split it down the middle and the docs told me i’d have to learn to be left handed, as i’d never grip a pen again. anyway, luckily i’m a closet hippy and so i used comfrey ointment morning and evening. when i went for the operation to get it pinned, i had to have another x-ray and the doctors came and told me the impossible had happened – my thumb had healed itself properly. (and i mean they literally said it was impossible, they were utterly shocked.) all i had to do was some physio exercises and voila, good as new.

    of course, that only works if you have a removable hand splint do-daah. do you?

    — lurkette    3 December 2007, 09:28    #
  2. Hey Bill,sorry you’re injured
    Recover quickly..peace

    — breaking away    3 December 2007, 10:28    #
  3. sorry to hear about your crash mate
    get well soon

    — johnny h    3 December 2007, 11:09    #
  4. sue

    where there's blame there's a claim    3 December 2007, 17:17    #
  5. Yo Bill!…wish you a quick and painless recovery

    — captinkhaos    3 December 2007, 20:22    #
  6. downside: you smashed yr thumb to pieces.

    upside: you smashed yr bike to pieces!

    get well soon you (ex) wanker

    tofu    5 December 2007, 06:39    #
  7. Yep, comfrey oinkment is the one for buffalo, i coulda told him that but i only get to find out about broken things by reading the website . . . . .

    — natly    7 December 2007, 10:50    #
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