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What's it like to be a bicycle messenger in Anchorage?
1.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Kirk D

If you are a subscriber to the messengers@dccourier.com mailing list, you will already be familiar with Kirk D, of Anchorage, Alaska. Kirk has made some memorable posts to the list. And not all of them were made after 12 beers down the local bar.

My own favourite: Kirk suddenly realised that being the only bicycle messenger in Anchorage meant that not only was he the fastest bicycle messenger in Anchorage, but that he also had the biggest cock of any bicycle messenger in Anchorage. Sadly for Kirk, this revelation was quickly followed by a realisation that he was also the slowest bicycle messenger in Anchorage AND had the smallest willy of any bicycle messenger in Anchorage.

Well, it made me laugh.

Kirk’s first ever post was this:

‘I got drunk and started a blog, what was I thinking?’

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