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What would Aunty Nasty say?
13.07.08 by Buffalo Bill

Some guy who claims to be an exenger – in Manchester, of all places, has a blog – actually let’s call it a flog, whose principle purpose appears to be selling a load of old crap to unsuspecting hipsters. It’s called Cantgoslo.

Actually, that Flanders frame is pretty nice.

  1. I’m gonna ask him if he wants to star in a doc about couriers. It will be shot in black and white with shaky camera angles.

    — Phill Coloins    14 July 2008, 12:26    #
  2. Hipsters schmipsters,who can rid the road of these muppets?will someone please oblige?Zacharia shall become death!

    — uberdrive    14 July 2008, 12:35    #
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