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What on earth? Eastway lost, no replacement.
25.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

I haven’t really been following what is up with Eastway. Eastway Cycle Circuit was the premier London cycling facility. It had decent facilities, quality on and off road circuits, and even some pretty decent BMX berms.

It closed last year to make way yet another of Ken Livingstone’s brilliant ideas: the 2012 Olympics. The London cycling community were told that they would get 3 quality facilities in return: a road circuit, a velodrome and an off-road circuit. The promised off-road circuit has gone, the road circuit is not as good as what was there before (cut in half by the M11, for God’s sake) and so we are left with the velodrome. Don’t get me wrong: I like velodromes. But I loved the Eastway Cycle Circuit and for a couple of million quid we could have renovated Herne Hill Velodrome. And the parkland around Eastway is being dug up.

And now it seems that there is no adequate interim replacement for Eastway.

Cheers Ken and Tony! Nice one.

  1. Three times as many cyclists a third less facility’s, go figure.

    stupidP    26 April 2007, 00:45    #
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