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What do you think of the Congestion Charge?
2.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

As you may know, we have a new Mayor of London. You may also know that his name is Boris Johnson and that he wants to get rid of the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge Zone, which extends from a north-south line of Park Lane/Edgware Road out to Kensington. He says that it is an unnecessary financial burden on the residents of that area. You might well think that people who live in that area are not short of a few quid, so why not tax them a bit more?

Has the C-charge worked? It has reduced the number of vehicles in Central London a bit. Probably some sort of mileage-based tax (the more you drive, the more you pay) would be more effective.

Whatever you think, you can let BJ know over here.

  1. However, you’ll find on the consultancy form no way to comment about anything other than your experiences as a car driver. apparently, cyclists, pedestrians and bus paaengers don’t exist for BoJo and TFL!

    — Alex Ball    2 October 2008, 17:58    #
  2. But residents of C-charge areas get a what, 90% discount?

    so it hardly taxes the rich pigs..

    private car travel is ridiculous in london, a mug’s game. Get the selfish twats off the road so people who really need to use it can.

    My todger is far bigger than the CC zone, lets hope the bumbling tory fool doesn’t try to slap a tax on that!

    — Swiss Tony    4 October 2008, 18:24    #
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