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Were you at Oxford Circus 9th March 2010? Did you see this?
2.06.10 by Buffalo Bill

On Tuesday March 9th at around 4-5pm, I was cycling west along Oxford Street, London, near Dean Street, when a taxi suddenly swerved across the front of me to pick up a fare and we collided. Following a brief verbal exchange, the taxi driver grabbed the scarf around my neck and strangled me until I was unconscious. When I regained consciousness the police and ambulance were on the scene.

What seemed an open and shut case in my favour has gone horribly wrong in light of the appalling fact that the subsequent investigation failed to retrieve CCTV footage before it was erased and also failed to secure the details of a witness who saw the entire incident, and who looked after me throughout and assured me and the police he would be my witness. The police now have no record of his details.

The whole story is here.

  1. fucking hell.

    — Lee    2 June 2010, 23:18    #
  2. I sympathise, the last time I was involved with the police important video footage mysteriously disappeared. Not all of it, but the thirty seconds that showed me being attacked could not be found. Strangely they had every other view for every second before and after…

    — Michael    3 June 2010, 00:05    #
  3. Jesus. Good luck with that.

    — sideshow    3 June 2010, 02:11    #
  4. who called the ambulance? if it was from a mobile phone they would have the records, actually they would have the records regardless with a time and log/ name etc.
    The number, bonus if its a mobile, has to be sim card/number id and logged by the relevant authority.
    Your legal team could gain access to the recorded conversation between caller and dispatch.
    Even if you get done for assualt, the amount of force used against you can be viewed as ‘unreasonable force used in defence’ When during the assault did defence turn to assault. possibly driving without due care attention as well,
    lesson for yourself – scarfs are for ponses.

    — dogger    3 June 2010, 10:03    #
  5. @dogger
    English lesson for yourself,you can’t spell “scarves“among other things.

    — overdrive    3 June 2010, 12:44    #
  6. dis is fushy, reed komments on udder 4rums. we not ge-ting da hole pikchu as 2 dis inseedent.

    — dogger    5 June 2010, 01:18    #
  7. Surely it’s time for cab drivers to be fitted with GPS systems? It’d help them do their job. Collective data mining could be used to establish the best places to collect fares at the best times.

    Car Drivers are always maintaining from their high (mechanical) horses that their registration plates make them far more accountable than their lesser two-wheeled cousins, maybe it’s time to ensure that cab drivers get the full accountancy that they take so much pride in?

    — A Responsible Driver    19 June 2010, 04:57    #
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