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We made it in one piece!
5.09.10 by Robin Superkid

Don't let them put your box on the roof rack... pic: Superkid

Greetings from Panajachel, we’ve made it in one piece despite 48 hours of rain across the country. Guatemala has been hit by the tail end of a hurricane and has experienced the heaviest rain for sixty years. Our journey here was stalled briefly by falling trees and mudslides, however, we’re here now albeit we can’t get out as the road is blocked.

Good thing we don’t want to. The town threw us a party and the mayor gave the race organizer Nadir Olivet the key to the city.

Here in Panajachel the river has broken it’s banks and washed half of the proposed bike polo court and half of La Ocho into the river. However the people of pana are well equiped to deal with this kind of situation and plans are in action to move the polo tournament and rebuild the track by the end of the week.

This is not something that couriers haven’t dealt with before, one winter in Toronto back in the 90’s half the figure 8 track for the ice race melted into the lake due to unseasonally warm weather. But it takes more than Mother Nature to slow down a bunch of half sober couriers. With lots of hard work and dedication the track was shifted and the race went on as scheduled. We will see the same here in Guatemala!

Nadir is speaking to the city officials to see if we can help in any way, given the town’s situation and see how best to ensure the racing goes ahead.

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