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Vote for Emily's blog
26.05.11 by Buffalo Bill

I hope you have all enjoyed reading Emily Chappell’s articles here, and if you didn’t know already, let me be the first to tell you that she has her own excellent blog over at That Messenger Chick. That Messenger Chick has been nominated for Women’s Cycling Blog category on the Crank World Cycling blog. Please do take the time to go over there, and remember the anarchist slogan, ‘vote early, vote often’. I am sure that I speak for all of MT’s readers when I wish Emily good luck, and thanks for contributing to Moving Target.

Personally, I am slightly suspicious of web-sites that run ‘blog of the year’ competitions, as I reckon that it is a lazy way to get other blogs to post links to whichever blog is running the competition, thus boosting the Page Rank numbers, and making the site more financially lucrative. Moving Target has been listed in a few different lists of cycling blogs, including one ludicrously titled ‘top 50 cycling blogs’. Top 50? In the world? In the entire cosmos? (I’m not going to link it. Google it if you are that interested – it’s the top hit for ‘moving target top 50 cycling blog’).

That gripe aside, vote early, vote often, vote ‘THAT MESSENGER CHICK’!

  1. I voted for Em but did not see a category for most useless messenger zine.

    — overdrive    26 May 2011, 11:07    #
  2. That’d be a one horse race…

    zero    26 May 2011, 11:13    #
  3. Roger.

    — overdrive    26 May 2011, 12:01    #
  4. I have voteilated. Good luck Emily.

    Kips    26 May 2011, 15:12    #
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