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Valentinopoloco Weekendoloco Blockbustaluza BMEF fund-raiser !!!
3.01.06 by Buffalo Bill

the flier

A little bird, sorry a little Scot, tells me that the first London messenger event of 2006 well be on the weekend of 11/12 February. A team tournament is planned, with an Alleycat (whatever one of those is) on Saturday and a polo tournament on Sunday. Messenger bike polo is traditionally played with teams of 3, so if you have 2 or more mates then you can make a team. In case of catastrophic injury in Alleycat, organisers may well be willing to allow substitutions, especially if the request is accompanied by large donation to BMEF. More details email Little Scot or check the muppetleague forum thread, or simply watch this space.

This event is a fundraiser for the BMEF.

Hopefully I won’t be busy that weekend washing the Hummer that Santa brought me.

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