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USA Cycle Messenger World Champions!
7.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Jaimie pic e://wheeler

My correspondents have been able to supply me with a provisional top 3 male and female. This not an official communication from the organisers, merely a report from people that stayed in Dublin after I left. I guess we will have to wait for some sort of official word from the Dub crew before these results can be confirmed.


  1. Peter (Beantown)
  2. Kvende (Copetown)
  3. Bornholm (Copetown)


  1. Jaimie (Denver)
  2. Kym (New York)
  3. Therese (London/DC)

Peter (Boston)

This isn’t official, but only what I am told by people that were there. I guess that means that the first 3 men to cross the line in the final were DQed. I recollect that Austin, Gareth and Jumbo were the first finishers. Too bad for them, it hurts to get DQed, as both Thomas Sauerwein (DQed from 1st place in 96) and Ivonne Kraft (DQed from first place in 99) can testify. 3 DQs seems like a lot, but I wasn’t party to the decisions, so I can’t really comment in the absence of any communication from the DUB crew.

I am glad for Peter that he won, he came to London’s Calling, and raced here. He seemed like a really nice guy.

In the meantime, here’s Josh’s flick set from Dublin.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute to it, I made a Flickr CMWC XV group. If you want to add your photos, just click the ‘add’ button on your photo page.

Dublin 028

Once again, I would like to thank our hosts for a great weekend. I guess that some of them are catching all kinds of stick from outraged spectators, and probably from people that weren’t even there. For those of you that are upset by the DQs and all that, all I can say is: remember it’s only a bike race. OK, it’s not nice for the guys who got DQed, but let’s wait and see what the organisers have to say about the DQs.

Already people have been ascribing dark motives to the organisers, describing the decision as a ‘conspiracy’, and an attempt to make sure a Dubliner won. That may be a reference to Gareth, but Gareth is originally a Berliner messenger. Last time I spoke to him (2005) he was working and living in Berlin.

This is all ridiculous, and an echo of the fuss that was made by Chris Grealish (Boulder-Denver Couriers) after his guy went the wrong way at the finish in 96. His behaviour, and that of his rider (whose name I cannot even remember [his name is Stefan Schiller – thanks Porno]), left many people with a bad taste in their mouth. I hope that we are not going to see a repeat of his appalling posturing and quarrelling.

A few people have asked about the DQs that I mentioned. I ought to say that DQs are incredibly common in messenger champs main races. However, apart from the notorious Mike D Philly 2000 incident (crashing into the timing guy and then giving him the finger), Thomas’ and Ivonne’s were the most infamous.

Thomas’ crossed the finish line in first in San Francisco in 1996. He had previously finished 2nd in ’94 & ’95. A joyous moment for him, and most who knew him were very happy for him. Unfortunately, he had not completed his final manifest correctly. Therefore the Race Captain had no choice but to DQ him. On the podium Lars Urban (WC 95 & 97) presented Tom with his ‘lucky’ CCCP top. Tom cried. I cried. But Tom never did win the CMWC.

Ivonne Kraft was 3rd in 93, 1st in 94, 95, 96 and I think she was 1st in 98 also. She was utterly dominant, also winning multiple European titles and very often the sprints as well. She finished in the top 10 overall several times, that is to say, beating 60 male finalists.

In 99 (Zurich) she went a long way past a check-point in the finals. A long way. She realised her mistake, and instead of going around again, she stopped and went back. U turning on the course had already been designated a DQ offence. I saw her, the Race Captain saw her and about 50 other people saw her. She was DQed. The irony was that she was so far in the lead by then, that she could have probably gone around again and still won.

Ivonne went to a succesful career in MTB racing, culminating in selection for the 2004 Olympics. However, earlier this year Ivonne tested positive for a banned asthma medication. She claimed that she had been standing next to her mother (an asthmatic) when the inhaler that her mother was using exploded, thus contaminating her. (See here for more details.)

  1. Hey props to the London crew organising pre-event and ride to Dublin. Heard nothing but praise from those attending.

    — Therese    7 August 2007, 17:01    #
  2. One result that’s undisputed – ‘English Rob’ ex Anderson Young now of Dublin won the skids by a country mile


    — Josh    7 August 2007, 18:27    #
  3. Let’s just DQ everyone to prevent hurt feelings… then everyone’s a winner!

    — Lars    8 August 2007, 00:13    #
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