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Upside down reporting of the assault on Leah H.
8.02.06 by Buffalo Bill

Joe Hendry’s excellent messmedia service has picked up this coverage of the assault on Leah by what I can only describe as complete d1ckhead.

what a w&nker!

Maybe I am overreacting, but the article seems to take as a given that Leah provoked the assault. As if she somehow invaded this guy’s space in the most insensitive way imaginable and grossly violated his privacy.

She did nothing of the sort: she was simply rectifying his thoughtless littering. If the Globe and Mail thinks that taking exception to littering is environmental extremism then… … I guess that I begin to understand why Canadian business have such a big problem with relatively loosely and hardly restrictive international treaties like the Kyoto Protocol. Leah is not a heroine – she is simply a responsible member of society trying fulfil civic duties. That she is held up as some sort of hysteric is outrageous.

Most Canadians I know are deeply embarassed by the behaviour of this berk. Unfortunately, the Canadians that I know are not representative of the population at large.

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  1. Unfortunately, the Canadians that I know are not representative of the population at large.

    ok. sure.

    — tofu    12 February 2006, 18:16    #
  2. that guy is a dick, hope he was charged with assualt on top of the littering

    — macewan    13 February 2006, 03:40    #
  3. That’s a good picture, is that him?

    — I.L.Mashim    27 February 2006, 22:23    #
  4. This guy should have had a u-lock put between his eyes. F-cking f-ck tard. Throwing his litter back at him… what the f-ck so that gives him the right to physically assult someone?? j-s-s c-r-st.

    nomad of truth    9 March 2006, 14:02    #
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