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Update from Guatemala
1.09.10 by Buffalo Bill

Competitors in El Gran Premio de Guatemala. Pic by Andy Zalan

Lola from Atlanta has just arrived in Guatemala for the CMWC, which is taking place over the next weeks in Panajachel. She has posted some impressions on the CMWC site. The whole thing is well worth a read, and the pictures of the construction work on La Ocho are pretty amazing. I am even more jealous of Robin & Sarah, who will arriving there later this week.

These guys showed up for the Gran Premio on Saturday looking haggard as hell, but AMPED to ride. Some had come from over 100km away, and they weren’t about to let the closed roads keep them from qualifying for the WORLDS! After slugging through the debris and cliff-hanging pieces of cement left where the road used to be, they made it to the race, dirty socks and all. This ten year old even competed, and he hauled! There was an article in today’s paper (NUESTRO DIARIO-A Guatemalan National newspaper) about the race. The title is Qualifying for the Worlds. The best part for me, working at the race, was when a bunch of competitors came up to me after the race to ask: “Para que clasifique?” (What did I just qualify for??) I was told that some of the exhausted racers biked the 100km back home….

Bicycle Film Festival, London, 4th - 7th October, 2012
Nadir Olivet awarded the Markus Cook Memorial Award
CMWC as I saw it
"You've crashed our web-site" - message from Panajachel
Art Show
Pollo Finals
La Ocho Finals
Lake Atitlan Ride
La Ocho Lives!
We made it in one piece!

  1. I’m jealous too.Imagine how cheap coca-cola is out there!!!

    — overdrive    1 September 2010, 12:13    #
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