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UK courier roller race championships, 19th February, Horseshoe
23.01.10 by Buffalo Bill

Rollapaluza 2010 flier

Describing the last 2 messengerpaluzas as amongst the most atmospheric Rollapaluzas ever, (by which I think they mean noisy, unruly and, most importantly, fun), the guys at Rollapaluza have announced that there will be a roller race, open only to working couriers, which they have titled the UK Courier Roller Race Championships or Rollapaluza Goldsprints 2010, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the revival of roller-racing as a spectacle in the UK.

The Horseshoe was the venue for the very first London courier roller race, then called ‘Goldsprint’, after the Swiss version, and a very fine venue it is too. More on the history of Rollapaluza here, results from last year’s Messengerpaluza II, and Messengerpaluza I.

Roller-racing at the Horseshoe

Lots more stuff, reports and pics of Rollapaluza before it went big, is on this site. Go to the Moving Target contents page and click Rollapaluza, but here are some of my favourite bits:

Rollapaluza IV, 2005, report, pics & video (check Josh taking out Selim here)

Raphapaluza I

Confessions of a Rock’n‘Rolla racer

Raphapaluza II

And not forgetting Jono’s film, Roller Race

Roller Race from Jono on Vimeo.

And the Bike Show at Rollapaluza IV

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    Winston    29 January 2010, 19:02    #
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