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Two London cyclists killed in two days by lorries
11.03.10 by Buffalo Bill

On Tuesday, at the junction of Weston Street and Snowsfields, and yesterday, on Victoria Park Road. With terrible irony, these deaths came in the same week that the Mayor of London launched his new Cycle Safety Action Plan. Criticising the plan, and Boris’ ‘cycle super-highways’, London Assembly Member Jenny Jones said:

Many of us are feeling a mix of sadness and anger at these latest deaths of cyclists in London. This summer, the London Mayor will be encouraging thousands of inexperienced cyclists to use the cycling superhighways and share the roads with some of the main lorry routes through London. The most obvious thing for the Mayor to do is to ban lorries from using these cycling commuter routes at peak times of the day. The least he can do is to re-engineer these routes to give cyclists priority.

The mayor’s action plan on cycling safety is inadequate because it has no timetable for implementation. London’s success in halving the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads in the last decade has been based on high levels of investment and tough decisions. All this is now under threat, unless the mayor restores the budget. The cut in the number of traffic police, safety cameras and road safety schemes, is a decision which may cost lives.

The press release from Jenny Jones’ office revealed that eight cyclists died and eighty four were seriously injured in 2008 on roads that the Mayor is proposing to designate as cycling superhighways. The London Mayor has cut Transport for London spending on road safety by £10m this financial year (2009/10). In addition, it was recently revealed that the Traffic Police budget is due to be cut by £2m next year, with the consequent decline of 20 police officers, 5 PCSOs and 5 staff.

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  1. had and accident last year at the exact weston street spot where this poor cyclist perished. I realy do hope this opens the councils eyes to upgrading or monitoring this area so this dosnt happen again!

    Headwrecker    11 March 2010, 19:28    #
  2. Sad to hear.

    kev    12 March 2010, 00:57    #
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