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Twenty Questions - Nick Chase
1.02.11 by Dazzler

How old are you? 24

How long have you been a courier? 4 years on and off.

Hang Name? Sol

Who do you ride for? Go-Betweens.

What was your first bike? A second hand Raleigh Red Apple. It was a girls bike. I started on the road with a Specialized Sirrus though. Frame snapped in six weeks.

What do you ride? A 2009 Condor Potenza.

Describe your childhood in 3 words. Scary, sunny, quiet.

What’s the best docket you’ve ever been given? Oooh. Probably W3 to SE16.

What’s the worst thing about being a courier? Dealing with jobsworths trying to ruin your day with pedantic procedure because they cannot to come to terms with the insignificance of their place in this world.

What’s the best thing about being a courier? The nice people you meet and the things you witness as a result of being out all day, I find couriers are rarely without an interesting story.

Who are your heroes? Mitch Hedberg, Jack Handey, Richard Pryor and Rik Mayall.

What’s on your music player? All sorts. Eels, Beastie Boys, Peggy Lee, Tom Waits and Chet Baker feature pretty heavily though.

What’s the best piece of clothing/equipment you carry? My GORE Jacket is probably the most useful thing I own. It really makes the difference.

What advice would you give to any wannabe couriers? Stay in school.

What’s the best lunch deal in town? I like Persy’s sandwich shop on Princes St W1. Good food, friendly people and you leave with change from a fiver.

What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever given to/received by a receptionist? I don’t know. One said “you must be so fit?” so I replied “that makes two of us!” Needless to say she sought alternative employment soon after.

Favourite place to stand by? Anywhere really, as long as there are people to watch go by. I suppose Regents Park flower garden is the most relaxing if I wanted a quiet moment.

What made you become a courier? Just loved cycling and needed a job.

In a parallel universe you would be… an Astronaut Porn Star. Two types of people I admire for very different reasons. I would be the first man to be both.

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? Higher self esteem. Or the ability to teleport. One of the two.

Who’d play you in the film of your life? Umm. I’m not sure. Maybe someone balding? Jude Law. I don’t know.

What would be your catchphrase? “If you’re down you’re more likely to find money on the ground”.

Freedom is… Something most people will never achieve. Unless they learn that just because you hear something on the radio, read it in a newspaper or see it on the the TV, it may not be real or true.

You’ve got one youtube link – what is it? This

Tell us a joke. For Vanessa Feltz, life is like a box of chocolates. Empty.

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  1. You have a cool sounding name,Nick.
    Like a bounty hunter or something…

    — overdrive    2 February 2011, 11:01    #
  2. Nick i dont know yow but you sound cool love your retaughts(sic)

    — curly    3 February 2011, 00:42    #
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