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Twenty Questions - Homer
8.02.11 by Dazzler

How old are you? 32

How long have you been a courier? 14 years.

Hang Name? Homer

Who do you ride for? Creative.

What was your first bike? A GT mountain bike (stolen within a few weeks.)

What do you ride? A Bates Vegrandis from 1953 (the same year my mum was born.)

Describe your childhood in 3 words. Moved around alot

What’s the best docket you’ve ever been given? W1 – NW1 direct, 30 minutes waiting at the pick up, wait and return, wait and return, plus 30 minutes extra. Paid a small fortune..

What’s the worst thing about being a courier? Mechanicals.

What’s the best thing about being a courier? You get to ride your bike all day and get paid for it. Mental…

Who are your heroes? Marco Pantani, for making me fall in love with cycling.

What’s on your music player? A steady diet of the minutemen, shellac, sublime, fugazi, aphex twin, the flashbulb, melt banana, will haven (1st album), jakal, ice-t, supertrix, joy division, radiohead, spy vs spy, goldie lookin chain, f-minus, yellowman, john coltrane, roots manuva, miles davis, buddy rich, king prawn, monsieur jacquet, adf, calexico, burning spear, fela kuti, charles lloyd, the pixies, kid koala, polar bear, thelonius monk, herbie hancock, speech debelle, kraftwerk…

What’s the best piece of clothing/equipment you carry? Michelin tyre levers.

What advice would you give to any wannabe couriers? You have to love the bike, not the money.

What’s the best lunch deal in town? My home made wraps! Or Pain du Jour on Goodge Street.

What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever given to/received by a receptionist? Late on a Friday, I got sent to Soho Square to pick up an overnite. Upon walking in I’m confronted with a suit with white powder all round his nose. “Package is in my office.” I follow him and spot a mountain of cocaine on his desk. He asks me if i want some.. I turn down the kind offer and then he starts telling me I have nice legs and that he has a flat in Fitzrovia. He invites me to his flat on the promise of money and unlimited amounts of coke, but “I wont touch you”. I turn down the offer and walk out. Why wasn’t he a she, boo ( After sharing this story with my fellow couriers, one in particular was obsessed with it and kept winding me up about it pretty much non-stop. Until one night at The Duke he asks me if I have the guys phone number! The winding up ended right there and then..)

Favourite place to stand by? Standby? Eh?

What made you become a courier? We started Supertrix, I needed money, I liked cycling…

In a parallel universe you would be… The first Malaysian to win a stage in The Tour.

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? No Xda and radio charges.

Who’d play you in the film of your life? Short Round from Indiana Jones.

What would be your catchphrase? ‘Coffee?’

Freedom is… Road bike, country lanes, false flat, hills, mountain, downhill, flat road, home.

How do you relax? I’m always relaxed.

You’ve got one youtube link – what is it? This.

Tell us a joke. What do you call a messenger with work on board? A fakenger.

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  1. Good to see Homer is still rocking it, he was around when i started. When do we get to read 20 Questions with Overdrive, or are you guys still bitch fighting?

    — Zack Speedfast    9 February 2011, 09:59    #
  2. I’m dead…

    — overdrive    10 February 2011, 16:02    #
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