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Twenty-odd Questions - Redrum
29.03.11 by Dazzler

How old are you? 31

Where were you born? I was born in Herefordshire at home.

How long have you been a courier? Not sure…this time around 2 months…

Hang Name? Redrum

Who do you ride for? City Sprint, FGLDN, Dickies, Continental…

What was your first bike? First courier bike… some Raleigh road bike.

What do you ride now? For work I ride my Euro Asia Bareknuckle… I won it in London’s Calling in ’07. It’s pink, held together by stickers and has loads of battered dirty spoke cards and spokey dokeys in the wheels… I love it… it’s better than riding your *** [hahaha].

What’s the best docket you’ve ever been given? All of em! I hate embassies… I can’t stand about waiting. Every docket is wicked… I did like getting 42 w1’s out of Fed Ex and banging them out in a hour…those were the days… (hums mellow flashback tune)

What’s the worst thing about being a courier? Nothing really. I don’t like it when it rains… but skidding in the rain is fun. Or the sheer amount of food I have to eat!

What’s the best thing about being a courier? Riding all day, innit!

Describe your childhood in 3 words. um, did stuff..

What is your earliest memory? What I did earlier today… riding a trike down a hill in the garden.

Who are your heroes? Don’t have any heroes. I have loads of respect for people I’ve met and ridden with on the road… Bill, Olderdrive, Steph, Marco, Nobby Styles, Kev, Lee, Laurence, Brian and Mark… too many to list.

What’s on your music player? Skitz, Foreign Beggars, Skinnyman, Kano, Metalicca, Guns and Roses, N Dubz (yeah I know!), Viking Skull, um, shit loads of stuff…

What’s the best piece of clothing/equipment you carry? A little dwarf called Augustus who lives in my bag and does my work for me. Or me Chrome shoes, I got given them to test and they are fucking wicked!

What advice would you give to any wannabe couriers? Don’t waste time getting pissed off with stupid drivers and people.

What made you become a courier? My mate was doing it and couldn’t believe that she got paid for riding a bike around so I gave it a go.

In a parallel universe you would be… Horizontal.

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? hahahahha… to get paid for doing stuff I love.

Who’d play you in the film of your life? Vin Diesel

What would be your catchphrase? mnum mnum

What has been your proudest moment/greatest achievement? I wanted to avoid cheesy answers…so either learning to tie my shoes… or beating cancer.

Freedom is… the rubbishest question ever!

What was the last book you read? Um…fuck! If the A to Z doesn’t count then it was probably some book on adolescent psychoanalysis, or Fixed Magazine (shameless plug).

What’s the worst job you’ve ever done? I worked in Tesco for 3 hours once… but on the plus side they fucked up my wages and paid me £300! Was still well shit though!

When were you happiest? Have to say now! Well, not ‘now’ now, because I’m sitting on the toilet answering these questions… so um… I’d say I’m happiest at the mo.

What would your superpower be? Invincibility… getting old means slams hurt more and for longer. Or fly…that would be cool…or breathe under water…or the power of decisiveness!

Tell us something about yourself we would never guess. I used to do ballet.

You’ve got one youtube link – what is it? This

Tell us a joke. some people are faster than me! Boom boom.

  1. argh that fucking picture!!!

    redrum    29 March 2011, 17:59    #
  2. and im 30 you old granny hahahaha

    redrum    29 March 2011, 18:00    #
  3. hahahahaha! Liar.

    — Bill    29 March 2011, 18:02    #
  4. it’s good to recycle images hahahah
    i deffo am 30….well i think so…

    redrum    29 March 2011, 18:10    #
  5. Shame you can’t be recycled!! Lurvely!

    — Brice    29 March 2011, 20:14    #
  6. I’m so old that i don’t get a morning boner anymore.But after seeing that picture…….

    — overdrive    30 March 2011, 09:30    #
  7. funny pic, any other recycle pics?

    Stav    3 April 2011, 15:33    #
  8. What’s a morning boner?

    David mycycleshop Smith    18 May 2011, 11:22    #
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