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Twenty-odd Questions - Alex
3.03.11 by Dazzler

How old are you? 16 years and 6 months.

Where were you born? Homerton Hospital.

How long have you been a courier? Four months.

Hang Name/Call Sign? one-six

Who do you ride for? Pink.

What was your first bike? A toddlers mountain trike attached to a rope, my mum thought it was easier than a buggy and I loved riding around on that thing.

What do you ride now? Either my track bike or an old Peugeot road frame with 9spd Mirage and Aksium wheels.

What’s the best docket you’ve ever been given? Well I’ve not had many but a motorbike special to my neighbour’s was pretty convenient.

What’s the worst thing about being a courier? Having to listen to the crap that comes out of your radio all day long.

What’s the best thing about being a courier? Riding, the city and friendly people.

Describe your childhood in 3 words. It’s not over.

Who are your heroes? Batman.

What’s on your music player? Arlo Guthrie, Beck, Bob Dylan, Dead Meadow, Dinosaur Jr, The Doors, Elliott Smith, Grateful Dead, Mudhoney, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd, Pixies, Rage Against The Machine, Sleater-Kinney, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth are all in my top 25 most played.

What’s the best piece of clothing/equipment you carry? My Belk bag.

What advice would you give to any wannabe couriers? Never assume anything!

What’s the best lunch deal in town? If you’re on a budget home made is the way to go, but Krügers on London Wall does a 3 piece lunch deal for £2.85 with pretty generous portions.

Favourite place to stand by? You can usually find me at Fullcity or Wood Street but anywhere is nice.

What made you become a courier? I wanted to ride my bike all day long.

In a parallel universe you would be… A pro-cyclist (well I guess I am in a way!)

What one thing would improve the quality of your life? A custom Pegoretti obviously!

You step into a time machine – where do you go? I would hope it had a random button.

Who’d play you in the film of your life? Anyone, I doubt its a very hard part to play.

What would be your catchphrase? It’s far out man.

Freedom is… The ability to do what you want whenever you want.

You are allowed to pass one new law – what is it? Jaywalking.

How do you relax? By going for a long ride out of the city.

Tell us something about yourself we would never guess. I can’t touch my toes.

You’ve got one youtube link – what is it? A message to any pedestrians out there!

Tell us a joke. The M25 and the M1 were sitting in a cafe eating breakfast when a small piece of green tarmac came in. It walked up to their table and gestured them out of the cafe. The M25 and M1 are now standing outside when the owner of the cafe comes out and says to them “Guys, you’re both the biggest motorways in the country, why’d you move for that little guy?” The M25 turns to the cafe owner and says “Well, he’s a bit of a cycle-path.”

  1. Great link.

    “Mum? Dad?”

    — sideshow    3 March 2011, 17:06    #
  2. Dam, one is getting old this young lady could be my grand daughter

    — curly    3 March 2011, 23:32    #
  3. Curly, you’ll scar the boy for life. Alex is the youngest courier in London and he’s a very nice man.

    — dazzler    5 March 2011, 18:13    #
  4. Pegoretti-fan karma

    — Steff    5 March 2011, 19:49    #
  5. goooo alex, great interview!

    sickfit    6 March 2011, 14:43    #
  6. “Describe your childhood in 3 words. It’s not over.

    Who are your heroes? Batman”


    — Dieks!    8 March 2011, 16:29    #
  7. woops ,sorry Alex

    — curly    11 March 2011, 05:12    #
  8. foetus

    — will37    4 May 2011, 11:52    #
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