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Track-stand comp at the Snow, Friday July 13th
9.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

Messenger friends Roxy and Keef at Prologue Trackstand

All welcome, messenger or just messenger friend, £1 in, winner takes all. I think Selim will have Brixton Pista shirts with him for those that still ain’t got.

Time: 7pm onwards, Friday 13th.

Place: outside the John Snow, Broadwick Street, W1.

A few more details here.

Who can knock the scot off the top step?

  1. Bill was that really you chained to float screaming your head off at the prologue?
    Might look-in on the next Track-Stand Comp, thats about all I can manage these days. Hooligan.

    — Hooligan    19 July 2007, 01:09    #
  2. Alright Tim, how the f*** are you? Yeah, that was me. Not.

    — Bill    19 July 2007, 05:53    #
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