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Tour de Ville preview
11.12.08 by Buffalo Bill

was last night. For those that were worried that it will only cater for the fixie crew, I can confirm that there’s a bit more to Jos’ and Keith’s thing than deep Vs and riser bars. The shop opens on Saturday. The coffee machine is being installed tomorrow, but there was copious liquid refreshment and good company at last night’s preview. Good luck, guys!

  1. The ******* party is meant to be invite only Bill. You and your big mouth…

    — bill!    11 December 2008, 08:55    #
  2. it looked like a yuppie copy. reminded me a lot about trackbikeshop copenhagen and keirinberlin, same concept, more money, nice idea, but not your idea, bummer.

    — James    14 December 2008, 14:06    #
  3. Seemed like no shop i had seen before. Yeah it’s a bike shop and yeah there have been bike shops before, what’s your point? They have gone out there and done it respect to that. Best of luck guys.

    — Zack Speedfast    14 December 2008, 14:41    #
  4. I’ve been to Keirin Berlin and TdV, there is no comparison, beyond TdV being bigger, better and lot more varied, where is the idea that it’s a fixed only shop coming from?

    Winston    15 December 2008, 17:06    #
  5. Yeah, bigger means better or what? More for the hip english kids. OI! It is so lame. I can hear you James!

    — Holly Santa Molly    15 December 2008, 20:50    #
  6. Isn’t it just a bike shop which happens to be run by nice people? If you don’t like their style, then go elsewhere.

    — Bill    16 December 2008, 09:36    #
  7. Yes, I will go to Bikeworks, they are nice folks and not so greedy!

    — Holly Santa Molly    16 December 2008, 23:57    #
  8. Ummm…
    Jos and Keith, long time friends of MT and at least half of them exengers, these people are greedy?

    I don’t have anything against bike works, they’re a decent shop. But surely a town of london’s size needs more than one bike shop?

    — ms attack    17 December 2008, 23:22    #
  9. Is bikeworks the only other shop? The prices look greedy! Sorry for the misunderstsnding…

    — Holly Santa Molly    18 December 2008, 10:20    #
  10. Hell those guys fixed my bike for free i wouldn’t call that greedy. Maybe hollysatanmolly only shops at asda. Freak.

    — Zack Speedfast    18 December 2008, 19:25    #
  11. Really for free? great! damn those guys have so much cash they dont even take money for repair!

    — Holly Santa Molly    21 December 2008, 12:57    #
  12. Wow, did you try and get in Jos’s pants and fail, miss Molly? What’s with the vendetta against nice bike boys who sell both nice and really nice bike stuff and who like to help their mates out now and again?

    — ms attack    21 December 2008, 13:29    #
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