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Tour de Ville Grand Opening 13th December
20.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

Jos by Will

Jos is my favourite exenger. As some of you know, Keith and he have been running a business selling bikes, frames and nice bits out of Jos’ flat up in Tottenham for a while. They have now obtained premises ‘somewhere near London Fields’, and are planning a grand opening on Saturday 13th December. Not too many other details yet, but they say that we should expect an alleycat and a party.

Just in time for me to pick up those Binda toe-straps that I have been promising Mrs Buffalo for Xmas!

And I should mention that this picture of Jos is taken from MT forum regular Will’s collection of photos of London fixie riders. You can view the whole selection (including two of London’s most reviled exengers) over here.

  1. what the fuck hub is on that bike… it looks like a fucking rohloff man

    — lee    20 November 2008, 10:58    #
  2. I think it’s a Chubb

    — will    20 November 2008, 12:44    #
  3. I heard you can win that one at the alleycat , or for being the most sober…

    — tomkov    20 November 2008, 15:11    #
  4. that’s Chub

    — will    20 November 2008, 17:34    #
  5. hey jos have you changed your number? The last 4 digits i have are 2926. I’m trying to contact you

    — speedfast    21 November 2008, 14:23    #
  6. another fixed gear shop or wot? boring… got no own idea?

    — sebastian    22 November 2008, 12:58    #
  7. the Tour de Ville shop rocks and is the least boring thing ever.

    — fromemory    22 November 2008, 14:13    #
  8. I got own idea wot is not boring wot? Innit? wot idea innit? cos like innit fixed idea wot n everything wot innit?

    — will    22 November 2008, 23:16    #
  9. @ Sebastian.

    We’re not ‘fixed’ on anything. Haha I made pun.

    No seriously it’s going to encompass a lo more than just fixed gears.

    — Jos    23 November 2008, 03:25    #
  10. I wish there was a shack that would help folks from the Forever Broke camp… Most of the Hackney shops are stocking only new items, and give me the pariah look when asked for anything second hand.
    Spoilt by gentry I guess ;(

    — akeley    23 November 2008, 10:09    #
  11. sounds good, just thought it will be another one of those fixed shops, but let’s see, i will keep watching yopu guys

    — sebastian    23 November 2008, 10:50    #
  12. really? www.flickr.com/photo…

    — sebastian    23 November 2008, 10:52    #
  13. Errr. There’s quite a few non-track items in that shot.

    — Bill    23 November 2008, 11:45    #
  14. @ bill.
    apart from the double chain-ring and the shoes (total 3 things, even if you count the shoes as 2 indiviual items), all that will go on a ‘fixed’ like sebastian says.
    nothin wrong with fixed shops as long as the staff dont seem to think that they are more important than the punters…….good luck

    — tipper    24 November 2008, 17:31    #
  15. Jos actually is more important than the punters!…. thankfully he behaves in exactly the opposite manner and is charming and helpful…..Keith’s alright I ‘spose as well.

    Winston    7 December 2008, 09:50    #
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