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Tour de France Events this week-end
3.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

Well, everyone should know by now that the world’s greatest sporting event is taking place in Dublin on the first weekend of August 2007. For those of you that can’t make it to the 15th Cycle Messenger World Championships, it may be of some consolation to learn that the Tour de France pitches its tents and parks its cars (some 4 000 official vehicles!) in London this weekend.

Once upon a time, I would have been deleriously happy about the Tour coming to London. I used to love the Tour. But now that I am older, and have listened to so many lies told by my ‘heroes’ I guess the gloss has come off a little. Also, I am a little annoyed by the froth surrounding the Tour.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, keeps going on about how bringing the Tour to London demonstrates his commitment to cycling. What about doing a little more to prevent the deaths of London cyclists who will be killed by LGV/HGV/lorries in London unless something changes, Ken? What about reversing the disgraceful seizure of London’s premier cycling facility, Eastway Cycle Circuit, under false pretences? Bringing the biggest sporting circus in the world to town will cheer us up for a week-end, but how about at least doing some damn cycling yourself?


There are lots of events associated with the Tour in London. I am going to mention four because they are organised by messengers, ex-engers or messenger friends, and they don’t clash with each other too badly either. It’s doubtful if I will make any of them, as my mum broke her ankle so badly that she required surgery last weekend, and it’s my turn to do the filial duties this weekend.

Friday – Spin to Win, 8pm, Lamb’s Conduit Street
Rollapaluza is supplying rock’n‘roller racing for bikefix’s charity event. Entry is £8, beer and food available. Not sure what charity the money is going to, but no doubt a worthy one.

Bikefix, 48 Lamb’s Conduit Street

Friday & Saturday – Tour de France Party All day, Scooterworks, Lower Marsh
Jack Thurston, the man behind MT’s favourite radio show, is helping to throw a 2 day Tour party featuring cycle jumble, euro-trash disco and the Symphony for Singing Bicycles.

More details here.

Saturday – Rapha Prologue Ride and Barbie, 7pm, Hyde Park Corner
And of course, no London cycling event would be complete without some kind of Rapha shin-dig. This one takes place after the prologue, and aims to get a group of 500 cyclists to ride together from Hyde Park to London Fields. There’s beer and barbie at the end. I am told that the food is being supplied by the same people that gave us the Sausages in Speed Skill & Sausages, so should be yummy! The event is free.

More details here. Ride map here.

Oh, did I mention the Moving Target/House of Pistard Tour de France hospitality packages? £50 gets you a vintage plastic cup (guaranteed 100% authentic messenger trash), your choice of gourmet sand-wiches and a prime spot in the gutter in Broadwick Street outside the Jon Snow. Rub shoulders with the stars! Or should that be: see stars after Ali gives you a Glasgow kiss?

Updated! Nearly forgot this….

Sunday – I Love My Bike, Design Museum, Shad Thames from 1pm
There’s an exhibition of the hipster item du jour, the fixed-wheel bicycle, running at the Design Museum at the mo. On Sunday, there’s a free event called ‘I Love My Bike because’ which is some sort of interactive thing, and then at 3pm there’s a talk from Ben Wilson (Jos’ mate who made the fixie for Nike) which costs £10.

More details here.

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  1. Hi
    I took my helmet cam to the Rapha Prologue ride. It was excellent! Anywho… I edited the ‘hill stage’ and put it on YouTube.
    Enjoy :-)
    P.S Let’s do it again sometime!


    Dr Thomas    26 July 2007, 08:59    #
  2. Good work. I made it up that hill too. Highgate, N6. Nice.

    — messyangel    27 July 2007, 00:57    #
  3. Thanks.
    Um… I did another! From Hyde Park to Regents Park. Used a bit of music from Layer Carke.


    Dr Thomas    19 August 2007, 11:39    #
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