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Topshop launches exenger Sarah Buck
24.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

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Sarah Buck worked as a cycle courier in Toronto and then London, and will be well-known to those of you who went to Speed, Skill and Sausages, the first roller races or any of the messenger events at the beginning of this century, or the end of the last. She has been off the circuit for a while (although not off her bike), working on designs for bike clothes. So it was with great pleasure that I read the following press release:

The stylish new women’s cycling specific clothing and accessories company, Cyclodelic, is launching at Oxford Street’s Topshop flagship store on Thursday 9 April 2009. Designed and handmade by two female cyclists in their East London studio, Cyclodelic believes that girls who cycle don’t have to forfeit fashion over function.

With prices starting from £10, Cyclodelic products are filled with functional features, from waterproofing Cordura to reflective seams, and are more colourful than a box of smarties – proof that ladies don’t have to reach for the unflattering fluorescent when hitting the road.

Cyclodelic was founded by London College of Fashion student Amy Fleuriot, and textile graduate ex-courier Sarah Buck, with the intention of putting some fun and style back into functional clothes for cycling. Offering everything from beautifully handmade capes, bags, satin cycling caps to customised bar grip tape, colourful mini D lock holsters and jewelled reflective trouser cuffs to stop those pesky trouser legs catching in the chain.

Nice to see a friend cashing in on the current popularity of cycling. Well, maybe not cash in, seeing as the clothes aren’t actually available until next month, but seize the opportunity anyway. Absolutely no apologies from me for shamelessly plugging an old friend’s products on this site.

More about cyclodelic on their site.

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  1. excellent!

    — lee    24 March 2009, 16:12    #
  2. congatulations, all that hard work paid off!

    — tipper    25 March 2009, 01:39    #
  3. Is that Amy’s green and gold number? Always a sight for sore eyes..

    — sideshow    25 March 2009, 18:51    #
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