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Tokyo Fundraiser Cup - win free entry to CMWC 2010
19.10.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the Global Gutz website:

The TKBMA is about 3 000 000 Yen (roughly 34 000$) short after throwing an unforgettable CMWC for the world wide messenger community. It doesn’t seem to be right to leave this huge dept to the organizers who spared no effort in order to show the competitors a good time.

After the award ceremony couriers from various continents were bragging that the courier community in their hometown would donate more money than any other city to help the TKBMA. That’s how the “my-city-kicks-your-city’s-ass-fundraising-competition” started. So lets stick to it and be really competitive.

Step forward and show the whole world what your community can pull off to support the TKBMA! Organize alleycats…throw parties…whatever it takes to raise money and win this competition.

Whichever city respectively community has raised the most money for the Tokyo CMWC organizers by Christmas Eve wins a sweet trophy, 2 free registration spots for CMWC2010 and the respect of the worldwide bicycle messenger community.

The donations will be collected by the treasurer of the IFBMA.

If you raised money send an email to: ifbma_finance@taran.ch to figure out which will be the best way to send the money. We hope we’ll have to update the ranking daily.

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