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Today, 2 Quentins and John Humphrys on a Fixed Wheel
28.01.06 by Buffalo Bill

On Thursday, the Tory Lord Quenton, raised the very important question in the House of whether Her Majesty’s Government is doing enough to deal with the terrible scourge of law-flouting cyclists. This was reported on the Today programme in ‘Yesterday in Parliament’. A flood of phone calls and emails followed. A researcher from the Today programme called me and asked if I would go on the programme to participate in a brief debate on the issue.

John Humphrys - fixed gear King of Radio

I agreed, although I was dreading being put on the spot by John Humphrys, the legendarily grumpy old man of the Today show, and having to argue my corner against some petrol-head journo, possibly even Jeremy Clarkson, and making a prat of myself in front of radio audience of 6 million.
In the event, John Humphrys was very friendly to me. He has just taken up cycling again in the past year and he told me that he used to ride a Hercules fixed wheel when he was a kid, and he wondered whether people still rode such things!
He did manage, like the Standard, to get my ‘real’ name wrong, which made me feel better about getting my stats wrong (3 221 killed on the roads in 2004, not 321, muppet). The ‘opposition’, Quentin Wilson, whom one could unkindly describe as Jeremy-Clarkson-Lite, was pretty ineffectual I thought.

You can listen to me waffling here

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  1. Very nicely done!

    Max C    29 January 2006, 21:38    #
  2. Bill, very confidently and competently done.

    Andrea Casalotti    29 January 2006, 22:53    #
  3. As long as you keep off the 2/way we’re happy.

    — Ed    30 January 2006, 14:44    #
  4. However, I like many at Creative listen to Radio 4 on a miniture FM radio during the day, so I guess I was just lucky that day. Drat, I’ve missed the Archers again.

    — Ed    30 January 2006, 14:48    #
  5. ps, nice pic Bill, you need to dye your hair again mate.

    — Ed    31 January 2006, 13:35    #
  6. that Bill Quigley sure knows his shizzle from his pizzle.

    Although his todger isn’t as big as mine, I’m sure it’s still bigger than Mr Quintin Tintin’s, or whatever his name is. (the bloke who used to clock BMWs and sell them on..)

    — Swiss Tony    24 November 2007, 19:23    #
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