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Time's up!
5.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

Up yours, sweaty! pic: Selimski

Today is absolutely the last day that you can order the now infamous ‘merc masher’ shirt. House of Pistard, one of Moving Target’s Heroes of 2007, will close the books on this one tonight. Although it has to be said that Westcoast and the Obergruppenpistard have been awfully quiet lately. Perhaps they have said ‘bollocks to the colonial muppet, we’re spending the cash on a trip to sunnier climes’. Which probably means they are quarrelling over the last mouthful of Buckfast in a gutter in Stavanger as I write this.

  1. We were going to use the ‘no access to the internet’ excuse but it’s really been ‘no access to sobriety’. A full Goddamn Canuck update and more regular shite will be getting posted on the site once we’ve rescued Ali from under the huge pile of tee-shirts that fell on her…three days ago.

    obergruppenmess    5 January 2008, 17:49    #
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