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Time Out this week
22.07.06 by Buffalo Bill

This week’s Time Out has a feature on cycling. There’s some cool stuff in there, but nothing that an experienced cyclist need really get excited about. Matt Seaton’s recently published guide to cycling is extensively plugged, and good luck to Matt. There’s a super picture of my second favourite messenger, Tofu. It’s probably worth checking out just to see the picture. The online version is here

The only reason that I am moved to write about it is that there is 350 words or so that are attributed to me. I can honestly say that I did not say or write a single word. The sentiments are fairly correct, ie that I do not believe that stopping at red lights will prevent cyclists from getting killed, but the arguments marshalled are not mine. I did say that Sebastian Lukomski, the last London bicycle messenger to have been killed whilst working, would be alive today if he had not stopped at the red light alongside the HGV that killed him. But I do not have a friend who had a friend who was killed on the Holloway Road.

All that stuff about momentum, well, not me. I definitely agree that you should always give way to pedestrians, though.

I wasn’t looking for copy approval, but then I didn’t imagine that they would make the whole thing up. I always did prefer City Limits to Time Out.

By the way, Jack Thurston keeps threatening to get Matt Seaton and me on the Bike Show for a culture clash. I am looking forward to it. In the meantime, check out Therese Bjorn, Matt Seaton and Jack watching the tour at the boozer.

The online version, correctly attributed, is here

  1. Hi Bill. The misattributed article was in fact written by Dr Douglas Carnall. The headline – ‘Always jump red lights’ – was definitely the sub’s. As for the by-line… strange!

    — Trevor Parsons    23 July 2006, 22:39    #
  2. Was Tofu’s erroneous claim to be “officially London’s fastest courier” also editorial license?

    If not, no doubt Tofu will be putting his money where his mouth is at SSS3 to try to beat London’s ACTUAL fastest courier…SKOT and the other nine people who were faster than him last year.

    Winston    24 July 2006, 08:33    #

  3. 9 people, including me! He was referring to the last year’s World Champs, where he was the best placed UK rider

    — Bill    24 July 2006, 11:16    #
  4. if he was london’s fastest messenger he would have won the competition set up to determine London’s fastest messenger n’est ce pas?.....Bill you are closer to being London’s fastest.

    Now skot is not particularly macho or aggressive and neither does he have a fragile ego or a overactive imagination…..but if I had shown the dedication and effort in training that skot did to righfully take the title I would be a little peeved that a guy who was a quarter of the way down the field then claimed to be the fastest!! STRANGE>

    Actually I’m just trying to stir it up a little to try and get some cheap publicity for SSS3 you know, like a boxing promoter.

    winston    24 July 2006, 11:59    #
  5. Hi Bill,
    Nice article! You said just what was on my mind ;-)

    I rang Time Out’s Rebecca Taylor: a sub-editor’s error, she was most apologetic. They’re printing a correction next week.

    The way I wrote it, the laws of physics were right at the top of the article, but being *&$% newspersons, they of course had to put death in the first paragraph.

    I didn’t get paid for the piece (it was a bunch of recycled email anyway) but I have suggested they make a generous donation to the LBMA benevolent fund by way of recompense.

    Ho hum! These things happen I suppose, but it is v annoying for both of us I’m sure.


    Dougie    24 July 2006, 20:43    #
  6. I know Rebecca well enough to know that if she had had anything to with it, then such an elementary error would not have occured. I am glad that the words will be correctly attributed. A donation to the BMEF would be welcome.

    — Bill    24 July 2006, 21:06    #
  7. Hi Bill,
    So you missed the train, but I was pleased to note that the english slugs left you alone.

    Modestine (C90) and I made it home, with only moderate curses about the paucity of town street lighting, and good quality roads.

    A request, please, were you to select a courier bag, size minimum A3, as a general travel bag, what brand/and its source, would you recommend?

    It was a enjoyable journey home, sharing the wine/tea. I trust you placated your demons.


    — Sean    26 July 2006, 21:23    #
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