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Theobald's Road sucks
1.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

I broke my thumb. I hit something in the road, and washed out my front wheel. One second I was on the magic carpet, held off the ground by the wonder of gyroscopic motion and pneumatic tyres. The next I was lying in the road. I bent my thumb, broke my glasses and my hand looked like I had used to punch the road repeatedly.

Really quite painful. So I can only type with one hand and I can’t ride.

  1. gutted…here’s to a speedy recovery.

    — ifbm    1 December 2007, 09:59    #
  2. Sucks, get well soon.

    — DavidK    1 December 2007, 10:57    #
  3. Was that on the section they a re-surfacing? It’s horrible riding on there! Huge gulfs between manholes!

    .    1 December 2007, 11:25    #
  4. Yeah, exactly. I think I hit one of those things. Either that, or an empty bottle of Buckfast.

    — Bill    1 December 2007, 11:35    #
  5. awwwww, i see you’ve still got it :-)

    — James Brown    1 December 2007, 13:23    #
  6. That’s shit Bill. Mend quick and always, always, always take a book if you have to use the Tube or a bus! :)

    hippy    1 December 2007, 16:23    #
  7. Shitty man, get well soon. Hit the physical therapy hard and you’ll be right as rain in month or less.

    BuddhaDave    1 December 2007, 20:01    #
  8. sue

    where there's blame there's a claim    2 December 2007, 09:31    #
  9. Yo Bill!
    wish you a quick recovery…

    — captinkhaos    3 December 2007, 10:41    #
  10. Bill if you sue Camden council can I make a tee of them smashing you over the hand with a paving slab?

    — sweaty gonzalez    3 December 2007, 18:56    #
  11. Bill…hope your wounds heal soon!

    ed    3 December 2007, 23:25    #
  12. that new surface on Theobalds is pretty smooth, good for skaters even. Or Segways.. Itss nice. I like. But what’s with the new traffic lights? Sweet and sour innit Bill? What’s next? ID cards?? Let’s have a ‘Reclaim the Steets’ on Theobalds! Reclaim the Duke!

    — messyanger    4 December 2007, 00:48    #
  13. never mind your non-riding, bill. it wasn’t that great in the first place. And for the one-handed typing: it hopefully shortens down the articles you write.

    but besides all that, get well soon and stay positive. THUMB UP!

    haute courier    4 December 2007, 10:35    #
  14. Av Bill! Bloody hell. I bet that resulted in a flow of four letter words. Don’t kill the other poor souls on the bus & get well soon. t

    — Therese    4 December 2007, 18:19    #
  15. sorry to hear old fellah, but added bonus if your right hand thumb was busted cos now you can knock one out with your left and it will feel like some one else.

    — norris    8 December 2007, 08:57    #
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